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Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?
ML or the newest Krell. I can categorically state that the ML 585 is not bright and lean. I’d bet that the Krell isn’t either. Both can be had for under 8k. Very high quality units. 
Analog or Digital and why?
I love high end digital. If the recording was poorly engineered it’s not going to matter which format is used. Anyone that disses current digital sound quality simply hasn’t heard a good recording on a good digital playback setup. Again, bad recor... 
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position
i’ve had the EXACT same issue w huge dip at 80-100hz by mandated listening position. completely solved w a smaller driver(very fast) sub. The b&w db1 is a true system changer. it will play at 80-90hz without any detection issues. i place it ju... 
Looking to upgrade to Class A/B Integrated DAC Amp
ML 585.5 or 585 used.  
Speaker match for Chord DAVE and D'Agostino Progression Integrated
I’d certainly audition Wilson and Magico. Something there might light your fire. The Wilson Yvette’s up are very good. I’ve never heard Magico but they seem to suit many people. On speakers I’d buy used at huge cost savings. Way more speaker for y... 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
Audioquest Earth. This is AQ’s best copper ic that is definitely in the warmish category. List is $1000 pr but discounted quite a bit. Could look for used here.  
Balanced DAC — XLR or SE ouputs?
I’d personally look/listen to the best Audioquest that I could afford or better yet buy used here or on Usaudiomart. Just an opinion 
Dac upgrade
DCS Bartok. Truly outstanding. Read the reviews and comparisons. The road would end for a very long time. IMO 
Please Help Me Build A System Under 6k!!
Actually the model is the LRS for $650 with 60 day trial period. Unbeatable 
Please Help Me Build A System Under 6k!!
Congrats on the Naim. Great choice. For fun I’d order a pair of Magnepan MMG’sfrom Magnepan. If the size is not an issue for well under $1000 you’ll get an audiophile legend plus they are returnable if they don’t please you. Just an opinion 
Cardas clear beyond compared to Nordost Valhalla V2
My experience is that the Valhalla 2 is ‘not’ a clarity king with a midrange that is full and warm. The high end did not ‘shine’ for me either. It was the opposite of what I expected. I think the reviews were perhaps somewhat biased. It has a plac... 
Lumin or Aurender
very happy w aurender all the way around 
Top notch integrated vs DAC direct into stereo amp
In my experience a Bartok or other great DAC will sound better into a similar quality integrated amp such as the new Agostino ‘budget’ integrated amp. Same for Dartzeel. Only ones I’ve had in house. I just don’t like direct but wish I did. To sum ... 
Preamp with Phono $3-5k range
if you can pick up a ML326s for 4k or so you’ll be in the big leagues. a wonderful preamp built to last. you would want the model with the green boards. i’ve had many top preamps and wish i had one still. it was/is quite  special. IMHO 
Krell iBias Amp Dependability: An Informal Survey
I think you’ll be happiest w the Krell preamp. Would both units be connected using Krell’s CAST system? Just curious.