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Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
What are the salient characteristics of the Obsession? What stands out ?  
new D’Agostino progression impressions
i’ll never tell. it was a personal decision unrelated to audio.  
What is the average dealer mark up?
BR3098 you are correct that a B&M store has to be extremely challenging which I get. That said can you blame a customer for attempting to secure a better price? That customer has also worked hard allowing him/her to come into the store in the ... 
Magico vs the world
my guess is that they are really good. they certainly seem well built as are wilson speakers. 
Magico vs the world
i’ve never heard a magico speaker but from what i can gather one has to purchase ‘warm’ gear to enjoy them? is this true?i personally enjoy wilson’s very much and simply want a neutral front end for them. of course who can define neutral?  
What is the average dealer mark up?
it’s very simple. dealer doesn’t have to sell and buyer doesn’t have to purchase. if one prefers to have more money than required go into the seller’s pocket then this buyer has more money than sense which is perfect for the dealer.  
McIntosh c2700 users please chime in?
In my experience with buying McIntosh it’s no different than any other brand in terms of discounts. If you work at it and don’t mind being somewhat assertive 20% off wouldn’t too be hard to find and 25% is obtainable. The caveat is that you would ... 
192 khz/24 bit Albums on Qobuz
another great thing about qobuz is the you can search by label such as:channel classics harmonia mundireference recordingsThese are top drawer labels for sound quality.  
Krell 4K Processor sounds like the guts have been pulled out
could be a phase issue w subwoofer.  
Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
i didn’t want to throw another product in the mix but if I wanted(I did) either a full sounding stereo amp or better yet, integrated amp with muscle you owe it to yourself to experience the new Dag Progression integrated amp. If you have a pre you... 
Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
one thing dave that i can tell you from experience in house. the shunyata Alpha NR is definitely ripe/full  in the bass region. still i would think that the bass tone control should get it done. i think it’s centered at 100hz which is perfect for ... 
Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
Dave here’s what I think FWIW. I absolutely would keep that Luxman combo intact. I do not think that the 625s2 is a superior move. I personally had no ‘weight’ issues with the Luxman and would hate to give up their all around superior attributes. ... 
MSB vs dCS Bartok
RFC what’s the status with your dealer? Just curious.  
Who has a McIntosh C70 anniversary preamp? Thoughts?
i don’t know the px of the mac preamps that you’re looking at but the Luxman C-900u preamp has tone controls and will be something you’ll own a very long time. they can be had in the 8-9k range if you’re patient(list 15k). i believe and as do many... 
Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2
Ron 17 is 100% correct about the Valhalla 2’s. In my time with the V2’s I found them a bit to the warm side of neutral with outstanding midrange performance. It needs to be used in a neutral system vs a dark/warm one. IMO