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Center or Phantom Center?????
I only have 5.1 but with 5 Cornwalls, al timbre matching rocks...the center is horizontal on top of Elite HD710, verticles horns down, and 15" woofer up...sounds amazing...It is best to have at least the front speakers the same. 
Pathos Classic One
How about for 98.5Db speakers? 
Seperates or Receiver on a Budget
I hear what everyone else is saying, I still feel the best bang for the buck is the B&K 507 AVR, 7 x 150, and a great processor to boot. Also it is fully upgradable,and well within you budget. This is MHO, and yes I do own one. 
Review: Initial DMA-710 Mini DVD HT System Video
The review was incredible considering the 88.oo price, I was so entranced and exited I linked to walmart, found it, ordered it, just recieved it, and it's still in the box. I am looking forward to having some Cheap Fun. My HT cost over 20k, my 2 c... 
Help me find a new HDTV...... for $3500
I like the Pioneer Elite the best, you can pick up the hd73064" for under 3,000 when you get the 1000 rebate!!!!It is a GREAT HDTV.