Responses from aceto

Is Nipper real?
OK Davehrab, I already trun her offen my couch. Guess I'm lucky she can't set the VTA. Never was much of an Alpha, sniff... 
Utah - How bout it?
I'm in. 
Don't lie....Do you hoard vinyl?
I do not. I have only 46 ft. of LPs which includes mine, my deceased friend, my father and my wife's father. I do not. They are 1928 to the present re-issues and new ones like Tom Waits. I do not. Most of my duplicates were taken by my daughter. M... 
Denon DP-11F 1982 decent turntable?
All would be a leap up. Denon made Japanese tekkie tables. They were flashy direct drive. I remember the owner of Esoteric Audio in Brooklyn doing a blind test with me of the top-of-the-line Denon and the entry level B&O. I picked the B&O ... 
sctatched records
Elizabeth is dead on, as usual. All I can add is that scratches are louder and more dangerous if the 'needle' is not correctly placed. If it is off the vertical axis, any collision will be at a more acute angle. I have had my clean records scratch... 
looking for a phono amp-used $100 to$300
I second the Black Cube. Nice and also flexible settings. 
Wow...what a record
Ain't a record. Itsa box! The Ataulfo Argenta Edition re-issue on Alto. Originally on Alhambra, it is the National Orchestra of Spain. 
What is a good analog rig for me?
I agree with used because hi end tables are a good buy. The owners tend to have good habits, and you are going to need a new cartridge anyway. Can't argue with SOTA either, but I certainly would not pass up a nicely priced Linn, but only the LP-12... 
Organ CDs with really deep bass
Telarc (who else) has a new album of the titanic Kunstfaust organ made from now discarded missle hulls at Peenemunde. You are required to sign a release at time of purchase. It is the only earthly sound detected by the Mars Rover. Just watch out f... 
Since I am an irrational collector with inconsistent habits, the idea of limits is even more crazy. Sometimes I have a theme, like all the great performances of one composition. Or I might be working in a place for a while that has good stuff in g... 
Tuner recommendations
I bought an old McIntosh for a song, so to speak, and got new tubes. I added an attic FM antenna, and I play it all day as I work. LPs are for afters. If you are lucky enough to have stations that do not compress the signal, it is a nice addition. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
There's a meetin here tonight -- Joe and Eddie, and Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms 
What was your first music that you paid for?
Columbia House 12 albums for 99 cents: several Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Herb Alpert, Brazil 66. Can't remember the rest... 
Can you help with music selection?
Blossom Dearie -- My Gentleman Friend. And Stacey Kent -- the boy next door. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
My old man, you'll find him in the garbage can. If there's a bottle of gin there, he'll stay in there, my old man