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Romantic Cello Recordings?
Brahms string trio has great cello. I recommend Stern Rose and Istomin. Yo-Yo has gotten a tad yo-yo for me. Not romantic but check out Bach cello suites by Rostropovitch. Deep and weeping. 
Meadowlark audio kestrel2 - anybody heard them?
I bought them for my daughter. They are a good buy with fine performance in every respect. It probably depends on your other equipment. Her room is 12 x 24. Not super-high end but no regrets. Only the equivalent Thiels are a good alternative for m... 
Cleaning LP's and Hunt Brush's Trick
Like alot of us, I am not a big lint remover. So I have no idea what you are talking about. But dirty brushes are indecent, repulsive and intolerable! By the way I discarded Hunt for Audioquest about eight years ago with no thought of going back. 
Really, Really old lp's
Thems ain't LPs, which stands for 'long playing', as opposed to the short play you have, called 78 rpm. LP is 33 1/3. They are probably not shellac (apologies above, they are even older). You can clean them safely with Disc Doctor. The conservator... 
Fluids for VPI cleaner -- any horror stories?
I used Torumat for years in my VPI to no detriment. I do not chide them for saying to use none but their own because you never know what some crazy glop will do, and then the buyer goes crying back to them. When I used up my Torumat, I switched to... 
Is heavy vinyl worth it?
Complicated. The old problems were crappy vinyl, thin pressings and uncontrolled cooling or curing. The new problem is, can a re-issue be done to at least approximate the old stock (or even do much better, like fixing the wrong speed). I have late... 
Turntable - And Sanity - Question
I bought mine in 1981 from Esoteric Audio in Brooklyn Heights. Elliot (he is still there) didn't like the arm either, so he sold them with a Linn Basik arm, which was a great choice. Now my daughter has it. All I did since then was buy a new belt ... 
Overlooked vinyl gold mines
I have been stopping by libraries on trips that I take around the country. Its hit and miss but generally pretty good hunting quality wise and they do not price by the piece so rare stuff is much cheaper than dealers. The other place I go is thrif... 
Is vinyl dead ?
Audio Advisor is always chasing the hot segments. 10 years ago they were big tube sellers. Now they have dropped them. Does that mean tube gear is dead. Not at all. But tube buyers go to specialty stores mostly on the Web. Similarly, analog has go... 
Record-playing Rituals?
I clean them only once with VPI as a platform to rinse and vac. I clean with Disc Doctor's brush and fluid. Rinse and vac. Finish with Last Preservative. From then on it is just a carbon brush. 
Solution for VPI record cleaning machine.
Forget the solution. I have had my VPI for eight years now, testing every solution on the market. There are only two and you do not need to put them in the VPI at all. I use only purified water in my machine now. It keeps nice and clean now. So I ... 
FM Reception question, please
Antenna Performance in East Hartford CT has a great FM antenna. I went to Radio Shack first, which was certainly good, and the rotor is a good idea. But you need to go to the attic or outdoor route, roof or tall pole. 
Buying LPs - where do you shop I know you said new but Albert has fair prices and scrupulous grading. 
Home made turntable isolation
I went to a NY Audiophile meeting where the guy poured a cubic meter of concrete on a steel dolly that had threaded cannisters for leveling. Seemed to work with foot falls and high sound pressure levels. 
what to do ?
Your table is at the level that accepts mc well. The Benz is very nice. Just make sure you have a phono stage for its output.