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why felt?
Gee I didn't know I was touching on something close to the second cousin twice removed from the truth. How is it that the fingernail tap evokes a signature that is revealing of comparing felt and rubber? I never tried rubber, but I have turned fro... 
why felt?
Have you ever heard felt? ;-)Maybe its like car dealers, they put cheap tires on and the rest is your problem. 
New Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil Vespers
It is a real problem when you mix languages like that; there is no way to get two grammar systems to grind perfectly. You don't want to get in the position of the French academy that cripples the evolution of language by assimilation. The Japanese... 
New Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil Vespers
Newbee, you are the last man on earth (seee Loudin)I ever expected to flinch from the public arena. If this forum is music, what possible shame could you have for bringing this gossamer ineffable to our attention? HM is one of the few labels from ... 
Bergman Bergman & Chopin
For final jeopardy, what is the question? Who is...? (Bergman's wife)Actually it is more of a recommendation than a game show, but so be it! 
I want to try a MM
Without step-up, go Grado. I have had them to great effect. I hope they are not underrated, because if you can use them, they are great. But they are not universally compatible. I certainly second the ClearAudio Wood! I am using that now. So leave... 
How Big is Your Music Collection
Beats me. I can't get in the door to count anymore. Last yard sale it was either the toilet goes or leave 'em outside. Oh well... rain sure is cold this spring 
Suggestion for more detail
V wood is excellent. Not the top, but you would need to move to MC at more than 120% higher for comparable performance. I doubt the condition of the vinyl matters because you would hear differences between records. In general, try to separate cart... 
Help on Linn Ittok Tonearms
There were reports of sourcing problems some eight years ago or maybe more. I went from LV II to the Ekos recently, with silver. Bearing problems are violent, not subtle. Nor are they intermittent. It took me a paced number of years to get everyth... 
Everyone Knows About Jacintha, Right?
Yes we do. Her second vinyl is my fav. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Fresh er salt? What test line? Live or lure? What kind of fishing chat is this? Never saw any of these money players on espn 8. Usually watch at 4 a.m. on the way to the dock. But I do likes Mark Bernat doing Bach quite a little bit. 
Sonic differences Ariston 11S vs Linn LP-12
The LP 12 is better. As for set-up, Sounds Like Music in Phoenix does it for me when I need it, which has been about every five years. I gave my Ariston to an avid tinkerer. It sounds better at his place. The Linn does not go out of kilter, but wh... 
Looking for a good tuner with AM too
McIntosh or Onkyo will make you happy. Mac will be happy to re-calibrate to spec for not a lot of money. I do not disagree with Proton either. 
Can almost anyone learn to set up a Cartridge?
I like the Geo-disk for easy to use set-up. 
Anyone a Classics 78 Expert Who Can Help Me?
Oh what a bunch of trash. I will undeservedly take them off your hands. I have been having great fun with my 78s. They are more immediate than anything. They lap up the 'Last' preservative to great effect. As above, Schnabel is legendary, but quir...