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EAD Signature,Proceed AVP or Lexicon MC1
Damn, but it is frustrating to find shady characters in a hobby (illness?) known for its integrity and straight shooters. Begone, Bhai! 
Vote for the best speakers in 10K range
So....Bob,Are you trying to say you like these beasts? :>)Great. Just what I need - another Holy Grail to pursue! 
Is there an alternate to Martin Logans?
Thanks, Pcc. Was afraid I was "shouting into the void". Glad somebody's read the note, FWIW. 
Is there an alternate to Martin Logans?
Just to throw in an agreement with the last poster: I runML Aerius i's matched with an REL sub. Was happy with them before adding the sub; with the sub in the loop (properly integrated), they're taken to a new level. And they will play loud. Loud ... 
Krell versus Levinson experience
Hi all,New to the forum, so here we go: ML and Krell at the mid fisection? Surely you're joking! I DO agree that Krell is both overpriced and overrated, but that is ultimately a subjective decision each buyer has to make. Could live with Krell stu...