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Will DAC always sound better going straight into a Power Amplifier?
My Modwright LS36.5 and Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE preamps sit collecting dust. I keep them to spin vinyl; other than that I prefer my DAC direct. Depends on the DAC.  
Not sure those above that said don’t change have ever owned Wilson’s but maybe have. The resistors you are referring to are not in the crossover, but resistors used as a fuse to protect the tweeter and drivers. They do weaken in time if they’re pl... 
Never Spend More On Cables Than Your Equipment Cost$$$$$$$$$$
Somewhat agree I would not go out of my way or intentionally seek a cable costing as much or more than a component. Most components typically have a power cable and a IC or digital cable connecting, and if a preamp there may be several IC’s that e... 
Speakers for daughter
Bought my daughter a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 50’s. Nice little speaker a tad on the warmer side which is good for poor recordings. Will not play to crazy loud volumes but will play loud enough to upset the neighbors.   
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
mpomerantz   I don’t find WyWires thin at all, if anything the opposite. What they’re known for in my opinion and what I’ve read is they are very open and throw a wide stage. Can’t speak for the Blue Series, but I run both Silver and Platinum. I... 
Where/what is the best place to sell used components
Lots of people are moving things on Facebook Marketplace, on a group called Audiophile Swap and’s a private group with almost 57K members. People selling lower end to higher end. I have had good luck and know others that have as well.  
Recommendation for Digital Coax
My Nordost Silver Shadow is 1M and absolutely no issues… none. I have used it on two different  players to several different DAC’s and a streamer for many years. Works 100% of the time with no compromised high frequency issues.  
Recommendation for Digital Coax
Yes, 1M is where to start but not sure as important with a streamer but with older transport with higher jitter it is not recommended to go shorter. There’s a few Nordost Silver Shadow coax on here which is a really nice cable for the money. I use... 
Best CD player from this list
Own No.2 and have heard 1 and 6. Can’t speak for the others but I don’t you can go wrong with any of them. The Meridian was definitely a well respected player in its days, at least in the magazines but unless you can get a laser head I’d probably ... 
Are you turning you’re preamp on first? If so, let it warm up for a minute then mute before turning on your amp. Try that if you haven’t.  
Grounding cable gauge size
I use a Nordost QB4 with both QV2 and QK1 plugged into the two outside receptacles. I use the QB4 only for whichever power amp I’m using, only one plugged in at a time. When I first picked up the QB4 I did not use the ground post at first but late... 
Teddy Pardo delays?
I’m sure they weren’t getting answers so they could give you an update sooner. So many variables today to contend with and I doubt it’s going to get any better. Glad it’s on the way as you’ll be very pleased with the product.  
Need help choosing a new CD Player
Even if you don’t want to stream, you can still use a Bluesound Vault 2 or 2i to play CD’s. If you need SACD then it’s not for you. Only downfall is you have to rip them first, but once done, how nice to have your entire library on your phone or t... 
What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?
My opinion it’s all about lowering the noise floor so small things in a recording are more noticeable; when this is done all things will be clearer and less fatiguing. Music will be enjoyable at lower levers as well. In my experience it starts wit... 
Need help choosing a new CD Player
New, a little outside your budget but maybe you can find a used Bluesound Vault 2 then you can stream as well. Is a great streamer with a 2TB drive to rip your CD’s. You can’t throw a CD in and play immediately as it rips the disc first, but after...