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You tube hifi influencers. Love them or hate them?
I attend one or two audio shows a year and trust my own ears.  
Anybody using the last record preservative
There's a guy on Youtube who uses WD-40 with similar results.  
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
Paired with the right speakers and when listening to the right music, Mac gear can be very impressive. Unsurprisingly, those who own this gear love it, those who don't...don't. I prefer a little more detail and a little less bloat.  
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
K Horns in a 13' X 13' room? Right... might as well get four of them, the sound should keep the kids and the dogs out of the room.  
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
Apparently it wasn't the "End of discussion" after all.  
Volume levels
I am in complete agreement here. The best way to enjoy digital sources is to turn the volume down as low as possible.  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
@margaretha         You hit your head on the nail.  
Steely Dan Aja cover
Haha. I guess it’s just one of those things that you either see or you don’t. And when you do see it, you can’t un-see it.  
Steely Dan Aja cover
The album cover was designed by Patricia Mitsui and Geoff Westen and according to Donald Fagen, Aja was the name of a Korean woman who married the brother of one of his high school friends. It's obviously the red and white trim of model Sayoko Yam... 
can subwoofers make things worse?
Subwoofers? We don't need no stinkin' subwoofers.  
What use to burn in power cords?
When you plug your expensive power cord into your refrigerator, does it improve the sound of the cord or the refrigerator?  
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
There are way too many associated variables to warrant an absolute answer. A perfect speaker for one person's application might be unlistenable to someone else and his application. Maybe that is why there are so many choices and so many different ... 
My speaker upgrade journey - and a few questions
You have been on a long speaker quest. You have auditioned many top line brands and found them all unworthy contenders. Then finally one day you found the perfect speaker upgrade that checks all your boxes, great! BUT,  will they sound the same in... 
2024 Audio System Wish List
I ordered some LP shelves from Boltz in September. Hopefully they will arrive sometime in 2024 so I can enjoy them.  
"The Mystery Of Sound Is Mysticism"
We are music.