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1.7i vs 3.5r
+ on needing the "decent room size", and of course, an amp with some guts. You often see Maggies crammed into rooms that way too small for them to work properly. 
"Bridge Over Trouble Water" sounds artificial
So you're complaining because A Bridge Over Troubled Waters sounds just like a bridge over troubled waters? 
Poor value vs snake oil...
Some snake oil sounds better than others. It all depends on the snake. Oil from the Boa can constrict the sound while the oil from the Rattler can add annoying background noise. They all seem to hiss. 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Best:    ARC, AyreWorst:  Audible Illusions 
What have you been working on in 2020?
I've been listening to music. 
New Unreleased Art Blakey
@mitch4t Give me some credit! I don’t take any critic’s word as gospel even Michael Fremer whose views I don’t always agree with. If you are a big Lee Morgan fan, and you don’t already have it, I would like to recommend the film I Called Him Morga... 
New Unreleased Art Blakey
I recently picked up Blakey's Live In Paris "65 with his Freddie Hubbard, Nathan Davis, Jaki Byard, and Reggie Workman group. I have Just Coolin' on my wishlist, but am in no hurry to get it especially after the review. 
Jazz vocalists which may not be as real as we think/imagine
I still have no idea what you're talking about. At least we have that one thing in common. 
Jazz vocalists which may not be as real as we think/imagine
I would agree that she is a better pianist than vocalist, but dull? Hardly. 
New Turntable Direction
You will have to spend a lot of money to get a turntable that betters the performance of your LP-12. And you may still miss the rhythm, pace, and musicality of the Linn. If you are just yearning for something sexier or more expensive looking, you ... 
All New Pure Audio ONE Integrated Amp Reviewed!
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
Did your cat tell you it was raining? 
Alternatives to Brick and Mortar
I wholeheartedly agree with mr_m. 
Best isolation platform for a turntable with suspension?
I use a wall mounted rack with a Mapleshade 2" maple platform for my Avid TT in my second story wood floor room. This works well for me. 
Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train