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Tuning Collars on speaker cables - concept and any good?
Like millercarbon wrote, the tuning collars make a difference after dinner and especially after drinks. 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
I have the feeling only one pan flute was ever made. 
Renaming The Forum
Aha, the Unknown Comic! 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
I have over 80 Sun Ra LPs~some recorded on earth, some from outer space. 
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
You have a bad room and bad electronics. Stop blaming the speakers. 
End of the World system
With my bad luck, the only two people left on earth would be me and Bill Walton. 
Tweaks - An Honest Discussion
I agree that everything makes a difference. However, a difference is not necessarily an improvement. 
Older And Wiser or just Tighter and Deafer?
My playback system improves as my hearing gets worse. At least I think that's the case. 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Unless you're riding in an elevator or on telephone hold, avoid smooth jazz. Most of it is neither smooth nor jazz. 
How far away from your speakers are you?
I listen to my neighbor's corner horns. He lives two houses away. 
Considering A SS amplifier
You say that the solid state amps you are considering are not available locally for a listen. If you have a local dealer, I suggest you audition a similarly powered amplifier(s) that he carries within your own system. This could give you the answe... 
Looking into speaker upgrade/change?
Get some vinyl. 
Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers
My tone control has the word "volume" written under it. 
Is it all worth it?
It's all worth it to me and that's all that matters. 
Happy Scale
Who is"Noone" and why isn't he laughing?