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"But it sounds better at night...."
@bigkidz  Definitely alcohol.  
need advise, which is the weakest link in my audio chain
Unless or until your room issues can be addressed, component upgrades will most probably be money wasted.  
need advise, which is the weakest link in my audio chain
+1 @baylinor  
45 Singles You Just Had to Buy
I spun 45’s on an RCA player in my ’65 Comet Cyclone. With the advent of the eight track tape player it was no longer needed nor cool. The eight track had its own inherent problems like track click and tape malfunction but didn’t skip when I hit a... 
Any Thoughts?
Why would anyone want to date Taylor Swift?  
Admitting my error…
A lot will depend upon your musical tastes. Buying used records can be very disappointing. You will find most visually graded which means their quality will be dependent upon what the seller can’t see and surface noises are not always visible. New... 
Stupid Asking Prices- Why Don't Sellers Read Audiogon The Blue Book First?
All it takes is one... 
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
1.  Music I'm familiar with. 2.  Solo piano.  
Making speakers “disappear”…..
The equilateral triangle should be considered a guide or a starting point. What works for some users in some rooms with some speakers may or may not work for you. The experimental process should be fun and not a chore. When you discover a placemen... 
Goodbye Everyone
Take care and hopefully you will occasionally revisit.  
Cartridge Advice Please
@ ghdprentice   Ref Phono 2SE is NOT Solid State.  
Given an Onkyo Integra M 504 today. Worth keeping?
@ibmjunkman That was my thought as well. Isn’t that what we all would want to happen to us? At the very least, give him a call.  
un-becoming an audiophile
I enjoy music. I enjoy it even more on my audio system.  
Selling on Audiogon
Unfortunately, hearing problems start just about the time you can finally afford the stereo system you have always wanted, or even worse just after you spent the money.  
Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops
I often find new records that are dirty right out the jacket especially if they have paper sleeves. Always clean a new record as most have a film on them that cleaning will remove. Never blow the visible debris off your record with air from your m...