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Beatles vs. Stones
White wine vs red wine.  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Good?     Yes. Great?     No.  
Spikes on tower speakers
I think the first thing I would do is contact the previous owner of the speakers and ask why the spikes were glued on and what type of adhesive was used. This could give you a clue as how to remove them. It sounds like, more than anything else, yo... 
Do You Play Or Save Your Best Cartridges
I have a $250K stereo system that I never play because I don't want it to wear out. I just look at it admiringly while listening to my Bose Wave radio.  
I prefer to buy from sellers who have the original boxes. Buying used equipment is always a gamble and having the original shipping container eliminates at least one of many concerns for me. Others may or may not agree, but I'm only concerned with... 
It was 61 years ago today...
I had heard all the fuss about this British rock band coming on the Ed Sullivan show. But I had to go out and collect for my paper route because my bill was coming due, so I solicited some help from a couple of buddies. We split up my route and th... 
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
My mother told me it is impolite to ask someone that question. We have the same last name, but obviously not the same mother.  
Tube or solid state
I read the question four times and I still don't understand it.  
This Sounds Like A Pretty Good Deal -- Opinions?
If you decide to purchase the MC-225, you may as well get the C 11 as well to maintain system synergy. You know the Macs work well together so why risk a mis-match? You can easily sell the ARC or keep it for a back-up. For those prices, it's sort ... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Abbey Lincoln  
Why does pulling out main speakers from wall improve sound?
I suggest you find a new dealer.  
Favourite Guitarists
Looking for a McIntosh amp that gives a great example of the “McIntosh Sound”
You are being presumptuous to declare that there is a McIntosh sound that everyone loves.  
The revolution has begun!
Perfect sound forever part 2.  
What's the oddest thing in your music collection?
William Shatner - Rocket Man