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Sad songs- We love them- We need them
Candle In The Wind ~ Sir Elton I Remember Sky ~ Dianne Reeves  
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
Your biggest issue is with the room dimensions. Basically those are the wrong speakers for that size room or the wrong room for those speakers. Good luck!  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
I bought a lot more music this year. It makes my stereo sound great.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
@mikelavigne I also bought my first real stereo from Len at Magnolia Hi-Fi in Seattle when it was a neighborhood small appliance store around 1969 or ’70. Gerrard Zero-100 TT, large Advents, Marantz console amp. Anybody remember Jafco on Westlake?  
Should I bi-amp or bridge my amps to feed my speakers
I have heard those speakers with and without subs at a dealer in Portland and the spatial difference was not subtle. They were also spread farther apart from each other than "normal" and severely toed in. I don't remember which amps were driving t... 
I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters
I had a bunch of Vibrapods left over and just sitting in a parts drawer so I put them to use as cable lifters. Not sexy, and I'm really not certain of any improvement in sound quality but my cables are off the floor high enough for the Palmetto bu... 
Why not?
Have you ever seen a bone-stock Harley? The after market industry (including their own) is ripe with every conceivable thing you can hang, bolt, glue or screw on one that make the bike different from someone else’s. Whether or not these additions ... 
Does dose anyone see these speakers in real?
Those look like something you would see in a '70's hair solon.  
Recommendations please!
I owned a Modulus #3A for many years and I can concur that it's a very good preamp with a very nice phono section. A remote was never an issue for me, but if it's important to you I'd open a conversation with @bigkidz as well and at least listen t... 
Vinyl goes green!
+1 @kingharold  
Indentical measurments = Identical performance?
Is it already time to beat this dead horse once again?  
Placement of Components
@roxy54  Thank you for explaining in a much clearer fashion the points I was trying to make. We often get hung up on audio rules that are little more than rumors. The fun part of this hobby is assembling a sound system that is pleasing to our per... 
Placement of Components
The trouble with getting your question answered is that people will respond to it based on their experience with their equipment in their rooms and not on yours. There are no absolutes and your situation will be unique to your situation. Some spea... 
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
If you enjoy Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald I recommend Cecile McLorin Salvant.  
B&W 802 D2 Capacitors Worth Upgrading?
Or too much heat in the room.