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Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
Oneobgyn,Did you try the tube swap before changing the bypass caps? I don't understand why we would have such different results unless Gmorris is correct and you have to do both.I will have to call Leonard back and see what he says. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
I finally put in a 6550C from ARC to compare it with the 6L6GC tube and the 6550WE tube. First I put about 50 hours of burn time on it.All I can say is WOW!!! As in 'WOW, why would anybody want to degrade thier Ref 3 with this tube?" With my prese... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
Meisterkleef,I have to disagree with you. I loved my ARC LS5mkII, and it is maybe the best of the older models. Not having owned every one, or heard every one I couldn't possible say. I do know that it was left far behind with the REF 3. 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
Just to show you how useless all our opinions are. I wanted something different than my Hovland, which I switched to after owning a ARC 5 for a few years. My local dealer for Musical Surrounding's various lines, let me borrow a Calypso/Rhea for 10... 
VAC Ren II, VAC Phi, or ARC Ref 3?
"Does anyone notice a hiss in their system with the Ref 3? I noticed this with some of their earlier preamps. In my system, I can hear over the surface noise of LPs." Absolutly not! Dead quiet. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
It didn't sound any different, at least not that I noticed. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
Last night I sat down for a couple of hours of listening. The 6550WE tube was so hot in the preamp it seemed like you could fry hamburgers on the lid. I found that worrisome and put the old tube back in.Will try again when the 6550C from ARC arrives. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
I am using the VTM 200 monblocks, which replaced a Theta Dreadnaught. I felt that I gave up some bass going to the VTM's until I switched to the WE tubes. Even without breaking in the bass improved in both strength and articulation.I put a 6550WE ... 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
I am waiting for the bypass caps to arrive to have them installed in my Ref 3, as well as the Svetlana 6550C to replace the 6L6GC.In the meantime, for my amps I have found that the 6550WE was a better replacement for the 6550C that ARC uses. Anybo... 
Has anyone heard the Ref 3?
I brought my Ref 3 over to a friends house just one week ago and we did a comparison to his LS 25 MKll. He frequents this forum and I'm sure once he spots this question he will give his opinion about the two. 
Audio Research PH5
I didn't compare the PH5 to the two preamps you asked about but, I did compare it to the Tom Evans Groove, the Rhea, and the ARC Ref phono. I purchased the PH5 instead of any of the above. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
I called ARC and asked if there was a upgrade for my Ref 3 and was told that there wasn't. I see on their site they still list the 6H30 tubes for the Ref 3. Will call back and talk to them again about this. Has anyone else called? 
Ready to try vinyl 
Just got home from a Dylan concert
I saw him twice this year, once on his college tour and once on his tour with Merle Haggard. Yes, it is true that his words can't be understood. Personally, I see his voice as just another instrument in his band and don't worry about the words. I ... 
Does anyone do good protest music anymore?
Tom Russell's "Hotwalker"