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Is USB overrated as decent digital source?
So, which external USB DAC have you decided on? 
Is USB overrated as decent digital source?
Herman,I have been considering the Mac Mini with either a Hagerman Chim or a Wavelength DAC. I have been wondering what you use for a screen with the Mac Mini and do you need a mouse and keyboard? I was hoping that, if it were to be used as a musi... 
New vinyl recorded all analog?
The Steve Hoffman forum is a good place to ask this question. 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
Thanks, UppermidfiI found one listed as VG+. 
location of simply music shop in la ?
I've lived in Los Angeles for 58 years and never heard of that one. What kind of store is it? 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
Oh, now I know what you're talking about. Not "Welcome to the Machine", it was called "First XI" and had all their albums up to "The Wall". Didn't realize it was from Holland. Don't remember the sound being all that good but, my record player at t... 
I love my Vandersteen's but . . . . . . . .
While I have been a long time Vandersteen owner if rock was my main intrest I would follow Eva Manley's lead and go with Tannoy speakers. She has had the opportunity to go with any speaker she wants and has Tannoy's because she has found them the ... 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
Uppermidfi,When you say box set, are you talking about "Pulse"? 
Good sources for tubes other than Upscale
I have found that using RAM super low noise tubes in all my tube equipment made a marked improvement. 
Attention Vandersteen 5A owners/ amp matches
I've used Jeff Rownands, Theta Dreadnaught, and now the ARC VTM 200's. I haven't had any desire to use anything else since switching to the ARC monoblocks. They also sound great with the ARC VT-100 MK III's. 
Phono Preamp
If it is the EAR tubes that are picking up the RFI there must be a simple way to block the radio waves without having to get a new phono stage. There must be a EE here on this forum that has the answer. How about trying something from the movies? ... 
Phono Preamp
Are you sure it is the EAR 834 that is picking up the station? Before moving it I would go to your local dealer and see if he will let you demo a couple of different ICs for your tonearm. I had that problem with a set of Kimber cables from my tone... 
Vandersteen 5A or Eggleston Works Andra II
You really do have to listen to both speakers. If they had somewhat of a similar sound then maybe it would be easier to weigh in with an opinion based on personal experience, build quality v.s. price, product support, etc. I have listened to both ... 
Demoing speakers in LA area?
Brooks Berdan, LTD in Monrovia. Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, be aware that parking can be difficult here. These are probably the two best sources close to you as far as friendly, knowledgeable owners go. LA Audio on Western in Korea Town h... 
New cd player-- or should I get SACD?
Don't throw your money away on a new CD player, or worse a SACD player ( I know that this is sacrilidge but, let's be honest, SACD is a dead horse no matter how much better you think it is audiowise). Put your music on a computer, either a powerbo...