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Mids on Infinity Overture 2's
Skye,It may very well be just a compatibility issue - like you, I've had mine a long time and have been very happy, as long as I ran them with the Denon equipment.Thanks for your thoughts.Howard 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Sean, the posts by you and Eldartford on this thread are hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle. :)Yes, I agree that some music just wants to be enjoyed at fairly low levels. No doubt about it.Howard 
Can Someone Help the Idiot Out?
Bryan,Somehow I don't mind ridicule from THIS crowd. LOL.Will, great Kerry comment - I'm still laughing. :) 
Can Someone Help the Idiot Out?
Got it. Thanks, guys! :) 
Modding Hafler Amps?
Great info - thanks all!Short term I will mod the Hafler. Then in January '06 when I get my bonus from Uncle Sam I'll use some of that to match a pair of your DNA amps and have my RLD-1 upgraded, Steve. That'll probably be they last sum of money I... 
What music do you want to play really loud?
You mean really, really, obscenely, get-the-police-called-on-you loud? :)"Limelight" by Rush.-HC 
Moon Audio Silver Dragon
That should read "Sim Audio Moon Silver Dragon"!! 
Digital Inputs on McCormack Preamps?
well, some of the research I've done suggests just what you guys said - keep the analog pre and add a DAC. So back to the original question: RLD-1 stock or TLC-1 modded by Steve McCormack? Anyone?Thanks for the guidance on the DAC's. :) 
Digital Inputs on McCormack Preamps?
Hmmm...although I love McCormack's gear, I think I'd feel more comfortable with a preamp with digital inputs. All: Any recommendations in the $1k-$1500 (used) range? 
Tube Equipment: Gimmick?
Gunbei:I'll take the clean-shaven blonde. ;) 
Biamping 101
Thanks for the great advice, all. I'm looking at upgrading electronics before getting the Thiels now. I've read elsewhere here that for the same money, one might be better off with a McCormack amp (looking at DNA .5 I think it is) along with a pre...