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The two stages of audiophilia
Working towards Sit back, listen to MUSIC and enjoy your system but still trying new speakers that seem to be a good fit. I've downsized the amp while still retaining sufficient quality for low to moderate listening downsized the lis... 
What's your dream speaker?
One that sounds great and is able to put my CDs back in the correct case and back on the shelf.  What a mess I made. 
Identify older Paradigm speakers
I had the Paradigm 7se, from what you describe it could be these if you state the 4inch tweeter includes the housing.  You should be able to find discontinued speakers specs on paradigm website.  It's woofer was 8inches and it stood about 24 inche... 
Amphion Helium vs Argon Sound
Placed it under speakers but don't know how to delete this one. Thanks. 
Opinions and choices for a small speaker for mid sized room.
Thank you and looking at options all of you recommended so far.  Some have the potential to work and some don't as the constraints were lower powered equipment and a relatively small footprint...not to mention budget. But used or new under $2000, ... 
What Integrated Amp do You use
Keces E40 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
I took a look at the Burson Funk and if one needed an amp for primarily headphones but wanted speaker capability it could be a good option. 45/35 watts at 4/8 ohms respectively, while my amp is about 60/35 watts for speakers but hasn’t the output ... 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
I've carefully read and re-read your posts regarding your experience with the IO.  Not sure, but doesn't bass need a bit of room to fully spread out?  If your up close to the speakers as in a desktop setup, it might sound like less bass than if yo... 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
I wondered how the Rega IO would compare to the Keces E40 I have. Essentially the Keces outputs similar watts but a measurement I found showed at a fairly nice distortion curve. It is also stated to be able to output up to 15 amps which if true sh... 
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
While some equipment must burn in, some burn up. 
From the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack: "Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch Me"  
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
The Triangle Bro 3 responds well to both class D and class AB. There are alot of class D amps coming out of China under $500 and some match up with their respective dacs. For class AB, buying used, an NAD or the Rega IO are also choices.When I was... 
Has Anyone Ever Run TWO Identical Pairs of Speakers ?
I did this for about a dozen years using Paradigm and Polk speakers.  The end result was very nice SQ. The upper mids and highs of the older Polk 5jr speakers added to the lower mids/bass of the Paradigms 7se speakers.Later tried various speakers ... 
Honest Amp Reviews: Impossible? 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
I have a local guy for repair.