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Too good to be true?
>>$6-7000 worth of speakers and amps.You call THAT High End?? 
1000.00 to spend what would you buy?
@Schipo: I'd prefer a dinner at Lameloise in Chaugny........... 
Speaker Life
If it is a high end speaker probably longer than you live yourself - given the fact of proper use in ANY respect (no overloads whatsoever, no direct sunlight, no bumps whatsoever, no clipping amp etc.) 
Best Concert Film
The Ramallah Concert with Daniel Barenboim and young musicians from both sides! 
THE Most MUSICAL Preamp?
No pre at all! Any pre will add something to the music which is not on the medium, right?That's why I don't use my 808 anymore. 
Reel to reel deck -Talk me in or out of buying
@Steveaudio: A word of wisdom as George Harrison said: ALL things must pass - so you aren't the first to have this found out. 
THE Most MUSICAL Preamp?
Burmester 808 
Reel to reel deck -Talk me in or out of buying
I cannot agree with the opinion tape would not last. I have 300+ TDK, REVOX, BASF and other tapes, all on heavy 26" metal reels - along with 2 STUDER studio machines: no prob whatsoever! What do you think radio stations and record companies store ... 
What do I need to use my PC as a music server
If you use an USB2 external it will work on any computer. I'd suggest a firewire external (simply better) and the iMac. 
Who is the best classical pianist alive?
There you have it: Lang Lang is morphing into Bang Bang - a rather ignorant thought - but people are different.Talking of some won competition: we certainly forgot Ivo Pogorelich on the list who - as everybody knows - did NOT win and Martha Argeri... 
Who is the best classical pianist alive?
Why always this puberty like best - fastest - highest? This may work in sports but never in art!!I agree to your above list but I think the following are missing: Hélène Grimaud, Lang Lang, Volodos, Uchida, Brendel, Hough, Lewis.......and some mor... 
Is SACD dead?
Was it ever alive?? 
What do I need to use my PC as a music server
Get a Mac with a decent harddisc-I'd recomend the iMac with the 20" screen! You will have all the software you need (iTunes!) and you will even have your remote to control the whole affair! Get Airport Express to stream your library wireless to yo... 
How long do Cassette Decks last
My Nak broke because of NON-USE! The two axle motors or is it the clutches (?) stop turning with the tape in gear after a while. A night of continuous spinning sets them well again - very annoying. But I use my DAT-recorder more, anyway. 
Anyone Experienced With Revel Gems and Sub15/LE1
No, the Revel Sub is the one! It's incredibly good. And yes: the probs seem to stem from the crossover module. In my case anyway. The only thing that I wouldn't know is how to circumvent the crossover module since it's part of the whole amp and pu...