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Brandnew WADIA Decoding Computer
>>As far as I'm concerned, Wadia is an effort of great design and poor engineering.In a computer forum we use to say to statements like the above: "Don't feed the trolls". 
Anyone Experienced With Revel Gems and Sub15/LE1
I can confirm the problems with the LE1. Bought it in 1999. Went bad in 2004. The worst thing was that I had to send the whole amp from Europe to the States. They exchanged the crossover module which is a much better design now (in view of the boa... 
When will your system be enough?
I AM satisfied - after years of trials, numerous auditions, different paths and, yes, some upgrades.LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
This will never be possible (thank God!). High End is to produce the most intriguing experience with reproduced music. High End and Live are two completely different stories - yet High End is the best way to listen to music outside the concert hal... 
Best Concert Film
Concert For George! Where else will you get the best from both East and West? plus an Eric Clapton in his best form! 
Are the Revel gems better than the f50a speakers?
I run the GEMs in the Revel Ultima System from a McIntosh MC 2000 tube amp and I have never heard something more "matching" and "correct" when listening to classical/jazz material.Of course the f50 are very good speakers (though Revel has the Ulti... 
No I mnean the BRANDNEW 9 series! 
Question on Salamander Synergy system
Get decent gear and you won't have to worry about shelves' "assistance" in sound. I agree with jdombro: the side panels are useless, but @ Tvad: there's no reason to hide my gear at all at all!!Do upholster the brakets holding the shelves and you ... 
Can I plug my iPod directly into an amp?
Yes, you can. But the sound will be crap as you have to use the phone out rather than the dock's line out (which is pretty good sounding). 
iPod Nano Sound Quality - Your Feedback Please?
>>I'll be comparing it to a mini. That's the only iPod that >>I have available for comparisonYou can't compare the hardware only!Which compression format? ACC? Apple Lossless? 
iPod Nano Sound Quality - Your Feedback Please?
>>it is just an embedded hard drive with information, right? Wrong! It's a flash player (like the Shuffle) and as such definitely a non hifi unit! 
The most emotional amp out there?
McIntosh MC 2000!I disagree with Tripper: the emotion is NOT within the disc but within the music. But if you rely on recorded music (at all) there is gear able to transport this emotion. The above mentioned McIntosh surely is one of the strongest... 
Headphones for iPod.
Sennheiser HD 457 - I found these the best compromise in regards of sound quality and bulkyness. 
What is the best iPod base?
What a topic in a high end forum!You better plug into a mid fi system than in one of these (nice looking) bases! 
Any opinions on PS Audio Power Plants
Best bang for the buck in my system (PS 300 MW II for the front end).