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How important is the tonearm?
I am with Stanwal! It is my firm belief that the arm matters more than the cartridgeBut I disagree with the other poster's statement of The tonearm's mass should be low as possible to avoid unnecessary wear on the grooves.I will bet all I have tha... 
Garrard 301
I heard that several people just buy the "PS Audio P300II+ with Multiwave". You can change the voltage and the frequency. Do some research on it.. 
Considering analog...but nervous
You should know by now or at least have a notion that, after filtering all the bullshitters reply to your post, the post above by hotmailjbc sums it all: education generally costs time and money. get a turntable and some recordsConsider your $1500... 
12ax7 tubes can be enterchanged with xxx tubes?
I had been using Jolida CD Player (please see my system page)with RCA Blackplates 5751 and Sylvania Gold Brand 5751 for almost 8 years now and counting. You will only "hear" the change in gain if you are using the CD player direct to your amp with... 
How to eliminate TT feedback/vibration
Me, I will build one (OP amps base) if I need one. There's a lot of circuits floating on the net somewhere. It is much cheaper to DIY.If you do not want to deal with the hassle, just buy one (KABUSA carries them just like Bob already posted). Or f... 
How to eliminate TT feedback/vibration
You need a rumble filter! 
supratek chardonnay with Pass x250
Output Z of the Chardonnay is 600 ohms! The same is true for the Syra and Chenin(I have one) as well. Your amp has 22K of input Z (unbalance). Should be fine IMO. 
Book on jazz
Try "Jazz" A History Of American Music - Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns. 
2A3 Set power amp
Fromunda, Okay, okay, big mistake, I am just kidding(I thought you were my friend and just giving you are hard time! Wrong username!! Apologies). 
2A3 Set power amp
Anyway I have purchased this amp made by Chris Barnett, with 2- 2a3 Sovtek, 2- 6F5GT National electronics and 1-jj rectifier tube. With my 88db B&W speakers I am astonished! This F-in thing sounds like a locomotive on the right track. Holy cow... 
2A3 Set power amp
I am with Paul!Mmike84, have you tried your 300B amp on a 100 dBor greater sensitivity speakers? If so, which one? IMO, there's a big difference in the ease of presentation and dynamics between a 96 dB speakers and below to that of 97dB or greater... 
Tube Preamp, Amp or Int for holographic imaging?
Speaker placement is essential to get the "image suspended in midair" sound. It seems to me you probably haven't nailed your speaker placement yetBingo! He,he,he not all problems in audio can be solve instantly by replacing SS amps or preamps with... 
st-70 tube flash help
If the tube is an "Amperex" (Bugle Boy)on the label or the date codes, then it is normal. 
45 Amps
Me. JEL. Yes. 
Best Song Intro
Van Halen - JumpAha - Take On MeNoel Pointer - Classy LadyPrince - When The Doves CrySorry, I was still a little boy in the 70's.