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You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
SweetVinyl Sugarcube SC-2 
best phono stage under 10k
My first choice would be a Luxman EQ-500.  Second would be the Herron.  But there are so many others I have never heard or probably even heard of! 
Aidas Cartridge
$3000 to $8500....They should beat an ART9 at those prices! 
Selling a very rare album
There is a legit 3 lp release of this that goes for about $100.  Discogs does list bootlegs but they don't allow them to be offered for sale. 
Selling a very rare album
According to Gripsweat it is about a $50.00 album, tops.  If you can get that for it, you will be doing well. Not an artist that there is strong interest in these days.You might find one of his fan sites and see if they will allow you to post it f... 
Suggestion for a 78rpm cartridge/ stylus?
Check out the Ortofon and Grado 78 rpm carts  There are some there in your price range.  Personally, I like the Grado.He is also very knowledgeable and helpful on 78 rpm playback. 
Any Love for the Pioneer PLX-1000 Yet?
Malaysia does not have a million of its citizens in "reeducation" camps, many of whom are forced to work in factories producing goods for export.When you buy electronics made in China there is a very good chance that at least some part  was manufa... 
Turntable Advice Needed
Redundant at this point but I also suggest the Technics 1200GR in that price range. Very nice bass! 
Is Graham Slee Revelation best affordable all around phono pre?
I change the cables.  With my Technics turntable it only takes about 5 minutes to move the cables and switch out the cartridge. 
Is Graham Slee Revelation best affordable all around phono pre?
Yes, there are many phono pre amps out there but when you are looking for one with mulitple EQ settings it really narrows the field.  You might look at the Gold Note PH-10.  Personally, I use a separate phono pre for 78s and earlier mono recordings. 
MoFi Ultradeck or Technics 1200GR
Between the two, Technics. 
Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
I buy old 78 rpm records (no classical!), 45s and even some lps.  If anyone in or near New Mexico has anything  good that they want to part with, please let me know.  Especially interested in "ethnic" (esp. Asian) and latin. 
Need RCA loading plugs
I would think DB Systems would be happy to make you a set.  Old school website but I bought something similar from them and am very happy with it.  And, yes, I still feel secure in my masculinity! 
Tonearm for Technics 1200GR
Nothing wrong with the arm on the GR.  The Triplanar and the Reed both cost considerably more than the table so would be a big investment.  I'd live with the arm for awhile until you get a better sense of its qualities. 
New Technics vs. old
On the advice of some local Visigoths, I replaced the feet and mat on my Technics 1200 MKII.  I also added a fluid damper and upgraded the headshell.  I thought (and still think!) it sounded pretty good.I still have it but upgraded to a Technics 1...