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"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"
I have owned the Talon-X Series 2 since 2003, and without a doubt, these transducers deliver. Considering what they retailed for and what they now resale for on the used market,I cannot see how anyone could be disappointed from the money to perfor... 
First favorite tune
Hell,thats an easy one to answer...Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady 
Talon Khorus with no soundstage?
Ckoffend, are not all initial product releases somewhat flawed in design? If not,then we would never have a new and improved version of that product every so often.Subsequent manufacturer upgrades on existing what this hobby is all... 
spikes under a subwoofer ?
In the case of the sub dude,if you want to take it to a higher level...a must have is the sub-trap made by ASC. I've been using one for years and it comes highly recommended... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
"Don't have any familiarity with Trifield, but note that regardless of spatial stuff, qøl™ also widens dynamic range, reveals more detail and more harmonics"..........................Larry,your description of the qol's influence on the musical sig... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Mihalis, thanks for the informative review.Based on your opinion of the QOL unit one can be a little more subjective in making a purchase decision. As all things audio,listening is the final arbitror. 
Know anything about the BSG Technologies QOL?
By following the link below you can get an idea of what this device can do. If you use headphones during the demo you will have a better grasp on the merits of said unit. 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
I agree,4-K for a future ubiquitous product in the realm of main-stream audio is a bit much.1K seems a little more in line with reality. Are you listening Mr Kay? 
Any Blu Ray players made in the USA?
Heard Ayre is coming out with a BD player based on an Oppo platform. 10K range. You wanna play, your gonna pay. 
Best Used Speaker Under $4,000 w/ Respectable Lows
Anything by Talon... 
What do I buy? Klipsch vs. Definitive Technology
I listened to the Def Tech super cubes and was not impressed. I liked the higher end Klipsch's better. I thought the sound range was way betterI own the Super Cube Reference by Definitive Tech running in line with my mains,this sub is very precise... 
1 Subwoofer or Are 2 Better??
06-01-09: Kr4"IME, 2 is MUCH better. Some people would suggest that all of this is usually inaudible, so YMMV."But it is measurable. ;-)KalKal,you been hanging around J.A. to much.Kal,on another note,I had asked you a few months back if you though... 
1 Subwoofer or Are 2 Better??
With proper set-up and placement,one quality sub works very well.My sub is a seamless and coherent partner with my mains. The biggest benefit of buying two subs is for the manufacturer. 
Blue Ray Concert discs
k.d.lang; Live In London. Superbjewel; The Essential Live Songbook. 2-disc. Superb 
Anyone else in my shoes? Ears going.........
You know you're getting older when...;*)Everything that works hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't work. You feel like the morning after, and you haven't been anywhere. Your little black book only contains names ending in M.D. Your children are be...