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Emotiva or Anthem or Something Else?
Looking at an Anthem? Keep the Emo out of your thought process.     I’m not one with theatre stuff, I’m strictly a 2 ch for music and movies.    Anthem is great,  whatmabout the,McCormack map-1 or similar, is that a multi channel ? I wish I,co... 
need amp recommendations for more separation of instruments
Try moving the speakers to different positions.  tilting toward sofa, listening,position, etc,,close to wall, far, how far r u from the,speakers, are the speakers far enough apart? new rca cables?  lots times,it’s your environment you listen in,... 
Power Amp Recommendations for B&W 803 Nautilus
Save a bit more, get the Sanders Magtech stereo,amp, all you will ever need. power, current, stability of power supply, stable to 1 Ohm quite the hidden gem in audio.    odysseys arena,good,mention. pass,  older amps u can get a great deal on... 
Energy speakers
Going on a couple years now w the rc-70 speakers.  they are the best sounding,speakers I’ve heard, with the altec Lansing 510s a close second. they keep getting better!  
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
David Crosby R.I.P.
Shi**y past several years.    too many people passing.   im sure no one’s reading, but condolences and respect to friends, family.   
If you had $12k / £10k to upgrade your analogue front-end...
Get the newest Technics SL-1200mk version.   no belts, no bs, just drop needle and enjoy for 40 years.    use rest on a solid preamp. Parasound, Sanders, Bryston,  use the rest on music & Scotch!  
Dan D'Agostino Black or Silver?
New In 2023
Anthem - crimson & jet black sortilege - apocalypso   
New In 2023
Re release of Sortilege larmes de hero’s and the,English version in a nice 2 cd pack.    finally, wow, does this sound better than my old cassette copy! finally!  
Best Love Songs
New In 2023
Holy Moses - invisible queen! necrodeath - singing in the pain obituary - dying of everything   to name a few  
Changes in my life, new system, need new speakers
     Buy two, stand upright on stands, allow a couple hundred hours of break in for the woofers and tweeter. They will blow your mind with their clarity, soundstage, and overall frequency response.    don’t let the price deter you, beca... 
New SL1210GR enroute. Need cart recommendations
nightclub mkII discontinued.  so is the Arkiv.    That Elite is supposed to be something special, im waiting, and will probably grab one for just "hearing" my LPs' they sound better than even my nightclub, they have redesigned many of these, t... 
Whats playing on your system today?
       playing this since noon.   after this: Coven 5 cd box, found a very cheap copy on disc, which allows m e to keep my LP set as  new!     early morning wake up jam