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Need advice for B&W 804 diamond amplification
Amazing speakers ! congrats !any high quality amp would be fine.keep it at 250W or above. can they play with a 10 W tube thingy, sure, but why would you waste your time with that, those speakers are meant to rock n roll. !!!Pass LabsThresholdAMPzi... 
recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat
Ie: McCormack DNA amps-They run cool when at normal house volume. Only very slightly warm to the touch %99 of the time. Any descent SS amp would be good,... A/B is recommended.How about a used Sunfire 300 - not too heavy, reliable, sound amazing, ... 
Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?
linnlingo said:  Love my CJ ET3 SE. Best preamp I've ever owned. Only one thing concerns me, the age of the ownership. Bill Conrad is over 80 years old. Any idea who takes over in the future? I agree, i  get nervous as well, as when the original o... 
recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat
My McCormacks' get pretty darn hot during the blossoming buzz, had them cranked for about 2 hours, at must yell to hear guy next to you, as we were in the backyard, and the speakers pointed towards open windows. They performed magically, the new c... 
Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?
"Yes"McCormack amps made by CJ. amazing is all i can say. 
Devialet for Wilson Audio Sasha 2 Speakers
one more chance on this. gave another listen on some sonus faber speakers which i could not afford, and some other nice smaller dynaudio models.each sounded dull, lifeless, flat, midrange and treble were poor.then onto the Mcintosh, which made a c... 
Price No Object Amps
no flame wars. just goofing about the prices, and aesthetics of some of this stuff, looks crazy.  and costs more than my house, cars and all my belongings, and ice still need another 550K to afford it.it is funny how the %1 live.  no worries,.."sp... 
Price No Object Amps
they do look cool!those prices.......hahahahah  i would love to meet the people who dump this cash on this stuff 
Price No Object Amps
the prices of this stuff is just out in space.I will put my Sunfire sig 600 against these behemoth's (name drop)any day of the week. Bob KNOWS what he is doing.class A, spacious air around instruments, the subtle nuance of the distant triangle pin... 
McCormack DNA-750
DNA 750's are amazing.that is all.power, finesse when you need it. best amps I've owned so far.......the perfect balance between sheer balls to the wall, and the subtle nuances of plucked acoustic guitar.  
Perreaux or Bryston?
tough call, but go with the Bryston. reliability is better with Bryston. newer as well. enjoy ! 
Tekton Double Impacts
I am interested as well, EXCEPT there is no midrange dedicated driver, its all tweeters?  why? 
accuphase compare to mcintosh
Be thankful you can own McIntosh, most of us will never know what they sound like in their own homes. Accuphase also, is the ultra top tier audio. Either amp, equipment by these two brands will surely put a smile on your face.  Enjoy.i would go wi... 
3 Hour Warm-up?
My CD player has less than 15 hrs of actual "play" time, but iusually turn everything on the night before, so there is a good 6-7 hrs of just being on to get nice and toasty 
3 Hour Warm-up?
The capacitors in my amps are newer teflon ones, and was told they are not even broken in yet. They were installed by Mr. Babineau. They sound good nfter an hour, but after 24 hrs, it's a noticeable difference of the treble, and smoothness and cla...