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3 Hour Warm-up?
Tunes today, preamp on for 30+hrs, CD player on for 1 hr, amps on for 1 hr.  It did take a good three hrs of playing music for everything to open up. Warming up is real !!!!naysayers are wrong. Treble le really opened up and extended, midrange als... 
Do Mono Block amps provide better sound ??
Ok, scenario:two systems, same speakers (energy rc-70's) McCormack DNA-750's upstairs, Yamaha CD player, sanders preampbasement: carver 600 sig, b&k pro 10 mc (newer looking one), some old Sherwood 6cd changer.the monos sound better after bein... 
What have I missed in the last 12 years?
....a %3000 increase in price for the same 40 year old tech that's all.  
Any Rotel love around here? Looking to power my Sonus Faber Olympica 3
I too had the pleasure to heat up a rb -1090 into my cerwin vega D-9's was a amazing combo!!!!  Bass, treble, maids, everything just was perfect, then I had my inrush limiter blow out in a nice blue/white flash followed by some white smoke, it sti... 
Bryston vs MBL
my personal pref is BRYSTON FOR SURE  less money, ;ess gold color stuff, i am about sound, not flashy cosmetics. not because i can't afford them now, but, because i don't see the extra cash for the box cosmetics ,Bryston is plain jane like many am... 
Do ClassDAudio Amps Have Proper Decay Of Notes?
No,.  No they dont 
Proton 1100 Pre-amp and 1200 Amp
yes, keep them, and use them for a nice 2nd system 
Proton 1100 Pre-amp and 1200 Amp
The word " overkill " does not exist in the audio world. there is only good things to be had by having gobs of power!!now, the word OVERKILL ,only means one thing to me, one of the greatest American metal bands to come out of the New Jersey area!!... 
Class D Audio Brand does not honor warranty---AVOID!!
get in touch with channel 5 news INVESTIGATES out of chicago, they have helped thousands of people with things like this, there is nothing worse for a company than being on live tv and getting told your business sucks, and its not worth buying fro... 
Sanders Magtech versus Spectron Musician 3 Mk2
neither of these amps sound sterile, or whatever 2 dollar words you guys "think" to use to sound sophisticated. sterile, thin, bloated, ringy, crusty, tinny, any of this crap is just wrong. so, a straight wire with gain (which BOTH of these amps a... 
Devialet. Long term satisfaction?
If you audition the Magtech, the deviate will go up for sale within the end of the first week.  It's that good!heard class d devialet, and any good a/b amp sounds so much better, and saves you a ton of cash, downgrading to a class d amp..try it, y... 
Cheater plug safety
may i put a 3 prong on my amp? its the sunfire which the older ones just came with a two prong. no ground.or just use as built, into the wall or a good surge protector ? 
What are the best speakers for 80's hard rock?
my energy rc-70's, with way overpowered amps sound purely amazing, and just sound........right. as the highs rolloff of these speakers makes merciful fate, sodom, bathory, slayer, hirax, satan jokers sound amazing, as if your a real metalhead, and... 
An all Parasound system - Good idea?
all parasound gear! ??  HELL YES !!great gear.  do it, just do it, you will thank yourself once installed and the break in process has started its countdown to amazing sound. 
Looking for seperates under $5k~
@gdnrbob  i second the McCormack amp and pre, and having some Steve personal upgrades done. for this will give you immaculate quality sound, and reliability by one of the very best in the game.  MCCORMACK IS THE WAY !