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Emotiva XSP vs. Creek 50A
emo ? Really ? Better keep looking 
Conrad Johnson Repair Issues
Two scenarioseither CJ is trying to pull one over on hm, and being a top notch company, they will get away with this, as they have more money, and it's their word against the consumer, and we all know cops/lawyers will ALWAYS favor the one with mo... 
Corner loading/left louder ?
I am about nine feet from the speakers,, I sit center of them. They are about 7-8 feet apart 
record cleaning methods......................
I bought the plastic circle which screws around the label to protect it with rubber gasketsthen I use joy dish soap, or a dab of Palmolive rub it in real good, get sudsy, then rinse in sink til all soap gone, pat dry with cotton towel, then a air ... 
Your favorite one-man band!
Tomas Forseberg (ace) (rip)BATHORY none better, man was a genius and inventor of several styles of metal.   May Valhalla's breezes keep you cool my brother 
Great female voices
Check out Lee Aaron's newer offerings, perfection! 
Jeff Beck Loud Hailer
Disappointed! Album is just boring compared to his last few releaseswasted my money 
Music you llisten to in your car, but rarely play on your rig at home
Any car music sounds good, the articulate, revealing nature of most good home stereos makes home listening sound like sh*t compared to car stereometal in car, metal at homesome 60's stuff, Dylan, Donovan, j airplane, wishbone ash, humble pie etc etc 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Live albums generally suck, and ar a cash grabanything by Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Solitude Aeturnus, Motörhead, Holy Moses. Any metal bands from the 80's, as this is when they wanted it more, and were hungry for fame, so the pressure they have is... 
Nu Metal Anyone?
Yo, yo, yo,.  NO!!!! 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Lee Aaron , still absolutely the. Most beautiful woman!!and the voice, still flawlessshe is without a doub in top three for best looking, and her voice is still so clean, smoky, full of soul, yummy! 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
King Diamond last year, Aragon ballroom!best stage show next to Alice Cooper. Now, those two together on stage, putting those minds together, would make for a fantastic show/stage show. Oh please, please let it happen , and let me have the time to go 
Similar sounding bands.
Probably covered already;AC/DC = DIRTY LOOKS = RHINO BUCKET. three killer bands!! 
Corner loading/left louder ?
I put three pillows on end to the right of the speaker, seems to help soak up a little of the bass/loudness.   Til the boss(wife) sees it, and forces me against my will to remove the pillows, but it sounds a lot better now.  Thank you you for all ... 
Corner loading/left louder ?
The speakers have two ports in the back, which also came with foam port plugs, which speaker should I plug with the plugs? Or are the port plugs for something different ????plug the right side (which has the louder sound??)top or bottom port?will ...