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Sanders sound systems preamplifier
Anyone notice lack of bass with sanders preamp??????like it disappeared, wtf. Over speakers closer to wall, a wee better, but still........seems lacking. Will cables help? A good CD player?  I h age early 90's audioquest Quartz, and using an old S... 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
I own two technics sl1200mk2 silver, and one sl1200mk2 black. Still use them, 25 years still perfect.  Silver ones stored for 15+years, unboxed, opened up, cleaned spindle, added fresh oil, plugged in, and pressed start, and still perfect.....they... 
Needle just gets stuck in a particular spot of the record ! What is going on?
Couple drops of dawn dish soap, scrub gently, rinse with clean lukewarm water..  Or let the dawn sit for a couple minutes to loosen the gunk.  
McCormack DNA-750 good?
If I had the money I would Ray them as well.  As mentioned it took me just under 5 years of saving every damn dime I could get. And I still ended Up buying used amps, but I think I bought the right ones, Conrad Johnson makes great stuff, and they ... 
NAD c 565bee- marantz 600? Equilavent
Shame it was discontinued a year ago. I pi guess I'll check out the 546, which is the newer flagship from them, not as good, why would a company lower quality for a new player? 
McCormack DNA-750 good?
Huh, I just found out, after reading the name on the amp boxes, these were owned by Dan Babineau.  Didn't he run the power surge/conditioner company??? 
AIFF vs Apple Lossless Ripping
Or maybe buy the 1tb iPod and use that as well via the 30 pin jack to rca's to preamp 
AIFF vs Apple Lossless Ripping
Eventually I will have all my music on a hard drive, and use an apple laptop with hard drive connected to my preamp for playback.  Is is this configuration possibly hooked up by rca's ??? 
AIFF vs Apple Lossless Ripping
So, if I wanted to I can click box to load iPod at 128k for car trips?while the actual music stored is in Apple lossless ???  I will ill rip everything again I at Apple lossless from now on.  Thank yo u 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
Melbguy, hahahaha. I didn't check the date, I'm just looking around and reply because I'm bored.   Hahahaha has. 10 years later,. Hahahaha. :))) 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
If I had the cash, I would get the sanders sound systems speakers, or a massive pair of reference dynaudio's, or or if I had the time, a pair of cerwin vega 2000-15's, replace all the mid ranges with dynaudio drivers, and a nice beryllium tweeter,... 
Need help choosing mono blocks solid state amplifiers
Way too many too choose from.  Most people in here will just recommend what they are using.  Levinson is a amazing start, personally I would look for newer ones.  After 2005.  
New preamp, loss of low freq.?
Help me understand what happened here, i posted this in cables alsoi bought a rocketfish rf-acnt2 component cable,. The 30 pin for older ipods etc, with component cables and usb on other end. My volume seemed to go up about 5x as loud vs using the... 
Why use ground wire from preamp to amp???
Thats just it.  I have several pairs of good rca's , none come with this ground wire.  It is strange. Unless for phonograph.  
New preamp, loss of low freq.?
Yes!  Playing a cd i do have a little more bass. But i think the pre is slightly voiced to mid /high freq, for sanders electrostatic speakers which require this for the panels to become crisper.  Just my opinion. The pre is very neutral/accurate. ...