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New SL1210GR enroute. Need cart recommendations
CONGRATS ON A TOP TIER IF.  NOT THE. BEST MOST RELIABLE TT MONEY CAN GET. DEPENDING ON USE every 1-2 years remove platter and plastic piece below (if new models have this) remove spindle assemble, remove scrip pin, remove spindle,  clean off any o... 
Two Rotel preamp sound different
All my preamps uave a different tone.  this is on 2ndary basement system   B&k pro10 mc is smooth with no harshness.  Adds depth to midrange and is a nuthair bright.  sanders “preamp” is the cleanest nothing added straight wire w gain ive ev... 
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
A23.  nice amp! anymshops near you, that can take a,look u dear the good? wouldn’t hurt to have a tech,look,@nd maybe replace something’s,,,   suggestion. are you near Rockford,il, probably,not. we drive a few hours south to soundsclassic sh... 
Is a highly discerning system enjoyable?
My system is very revealing for most wha I play, bad sounds bad, vice versa.,….. then I play Bathory or some odd demo starts on some of my re releases, and wow, it’s horrible! not horrible, but it definitely sounded better on my Panasonic rx-c45... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
SL-1200 gae 50th anniversary TT Last you will ever need!  
I feel bad for GenX'ers that missed out on the 60s and 70s.
Same with metal, most pass n say not music. for those like me, it was amazing, from79-93-ish, it was simply amazing,    Metal these days is just this screamo eejits , you know who u are most or all of these 3 word bands are just an embarrassme... 
The Good Stuff
@curiousjim     ever find those acoustic Schenker CDs?     If not, can make copies for u.   
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
The Sunfire 300 is a great idea, great amp, for 1K you can buy one and send to Flannery for upgrades and a check over, that is a great idea!   they are great amps!  
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
Look into a pro amp, Yamaha, QSC, crown etc, lots power, good sound, reliable.    Call odyssey, see what Klaus can build you for your budget   parasound, good call, great amp.    keep eyes open on the Gon for a great used amp also usmart, go... 
Turntable purchase advice sought
+1 on the SL-1200 mkII I own 3. 2 from mid late 80.s.  1 from early 2000’s or late 90’s, I forget.    all 3 still work flawless, never an issue at all, clean lube every couple years of heavily used. best TT available. Others u break belts, thin... 
Confession: I only like Norah Jones because so many others told me to
Know of her, never heard her, I can honestly say.    not my cup of tea.  I prefer Joan Jett, Lita  ford, ,Sabina Classen, Lee Aaron, but her last few , her smoky voice is quite good  
Experience With Linear Tracking Turntables
Had a Panasonic SL-n25 which,came as a package deal with the stand for the rx-c45   didnt use much, borrowed to a friend, never got back, took h im 30 years to admit he ran in his brothers room, and “CRUNCH/CRACK”   I miss it,   
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
    United - tear of illusions       still waiting on the anniversary box,set,from Japan.   
Judas Priest 50 years heavy metal box set
@jafant    great news! They started sending with box set a while back, glad your getting the correct track order mini,lp,sleeves.  keep the old ones.    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁   
Boulder 2160 vs Dan D'Agostino S250MxV
You will need min 250-300W rms   most recorded music,,during heavy guitar, drums, orchestral crescendos, different frequencies, etc, will need the headroom so you don’t clip the amp. I know, I know,…..150 is fine, it is, but if you like volume, ...