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McCormack DNA-750 good?
Money IS the object. I would buy used. Which is why I'm looking at the McCormack monos. Still considering them. Are they worth a purchase in everyone's eyes? Or wait? Buy something better.........is there better? I'll probably purchase t hem, they... 
McCormack DNA-750 good?
Are these on par with pass labs, Macintosh , etc etc. ? Or, are these not in the same league? From what I have researched/heard, these are right on par with the big pass & Mcintosh, I just wanted to get other opinions, and as many as possible. 
McCormack DNA-750 good?
Why did you sell your pair?You did not like them? Reliability issues? Poor sound quality?If you could have another pair for a descent price, would you purchase them? I am trying to find out as much about them as possible. I am looking for a superb... 
odyssey kismet or sanders magtech?
I can't listen to the odyssey. Sanders has a 30 day trial, I will do that, as soon as cash is ready. Anyone heard both, or can do recommendations on one or the other?Publics opinions matter, they do sway one way or the other.I just don't want to m... 
Energy RC-70????
Worth every penny paid! Best speakers i have ever heard with 1 exception (dynaudio). I love mine! Wait til they are broken in, whoa nelly! Your never going to sell them. For my ears, they are the smoothest speaker, accurate, just beautiful. A wee ... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Pat Travers!