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We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
If they sound good, get amps which are stable for 2Ohm and below!   close thread   
SOUND-DIFFERENCE: adding Emotiva BASx A2m amp to MAIN OUT of Marantz 2226B
That emo stuff is super bright with klipsch, nope, get better for the klipsch!   former user xpa1 monos, lasted 8 mo. Then switched to carver sunfire 300, then to 600 sig, not even close!!   emo is ok for first timers who don’t know better.  ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
S.A.D.O. - shout!       reaper - the years within         grinder - dawn for the living       after all - Eos       
2023 AXPONA Show Report
Sanders sound always rocks!   odyssey room is always packed, did Klaus make it this year? heard he may skip this show.       
Whats playing on your system today?
Chrome - blood on the moon     omen - eternal black dawn     trouble - run to the light       yakuza - amount to nothing  
Whats playing on your system today?
Tytan - rough justice. 2022 Japanese re-issue +dvd     not fragile - who dares wins     Trance - power infusion       veto - carthago     
Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
250 W rms strereo amp. MIN sure it will play softly, if you want@,little juice, 40W will clip. Don’t have the headroom for full on orchestra, rock music,  blues. May sound ok, get some sack, then your all set when-speaker upgrade time comes   c... 
RIP Keith Reid
Christ, does it matter if he is a Jew? if good music is written, don’t care if he glows in the dark nuggs!      
Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?
Auditioned tons of speakers.    settled on a 3K pair, which sound the best to me. most are too bright for my ears   price is subjective  Ears , rooms, deflection, music style, all different.     
Whats playing on your system today?
Athiest - piece of time  
Whats playing on your system today?
Rusty Cooley - s/t     helicon-  mysterious skipjack        sudden death - all or nothing  
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
Nope!   get an amp that has enough power and you will be fine sunfire amps sanders magtech odyssey monos platinum parts for low Ohm speakers      
If you had to narrow your choices to 4 - 5 speakers
Me…   bryston fkagship speaker axiom,….made for, but better than their own,….???   sanders sound panels      
Best monoblocks for Tannoy Legacy Arden
Cut up a tshirt, I’ve said this. Many places here   cut square cotton shirt in many same size to fit over tweeter start with one layer, then two, or 3 depending on your ears and reflection  I do this all the time, it’s cheap d l costs you an o... 
Amp Warranty Repair - What's an acceptable timescale for turnaround?
Is a long time yes, BUT, if is returned as same cond shipped, and works perfect, meh, what’s a few weeks, to get you back jammin to tunes         Patience.  Happened to me, but I received it back same as when shipped, I honestly think, they jus...