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New In 2023
Deceased. Ep YAKUZA - sutra  
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
Klipschorns at low - med volume, …ok   any louder and your teeth will break   my audition years back, powered by Adcom: monos.  with mod squad and carver, it was better, less harsh  
Given an Onkyo Integra M 504 today. Worth keeping?
Had one years ago. nice little amp.  I melted the binding posts on the back. gave me several years of good use!   enjoy!  
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
Look for old stock:   Energy rc 50’s  any of the Energy RC series. A wonderful warm sound.  had mine for several years now, warmest most listenable speaker pair with absolutely zero fatigue,  they are my grail!  Own 2 pairs of RC-70s. Backup p... 
Stereo or monoblocks
Monoblocks for the win.    plus, it,makes a statement. You like nice things.   \,,/  
Sleeper preamps: $500 new/used
Onkyo P-308     one of the best preamps out there.  great phono, great features, no crosstalk, dead quiet, still looks amazing!   sound is warm to neutral,  best pre for the money you,can get   
Spending a month's salary
If you get larger speakers, you will  NEED anproper amp those small tick turd amps will do nothing and you,will clip them, even at medium volume.  it may sound fine, but turning the knob will stress the amp, most likely fry a tweeter or mid.  had... 
Used vs. new
Never bought used speakers only components.  best choice made   Unobtainable became affordable.  best decision made. In years   speakers, not sure if return policy,, get, return of dot o,e      
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
“Here honey, here’s 300$, don’t you need new bras’ and tops,,fuzzy,socks.   I have a good 4 hours.  no work,next day, stay up late in the wee hours, stereos always sound better with cleaner 110-115 between 11-4;am  
Building a new system after many years away, need some suggestions ... !
Roger sanders sound, …..maxed out odyssey monos, Bryston axiom speaker pair Dynaudio, KEF, Polk, SVS, Martin Logan, acoustic energy always think of Energy, we all know what klipschi** did to them. klipschi* was jealous they had a superior prod... 
Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k
2K speaker wire?   spend 50$ nice 8-10ga ofc wire. Use test money get booze, music, new tile in bathroom.    enjoy   i use 8ga ofc stranded speaker wire, works a charm. pits,speaker wire, u wanna boost sparkle a bt, get so,e silver solder.   
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
grab some power !! stereo amp or if have room, mono blocks,  new cables,  great system, speakers need power, not for loud, but for smooth listening, effortless sound.   demo some.....   power is your friend  
Advice on speaker replacement
new amp, cables, and get a thick rug, or some corner traps for reflections.    power, get more power.   receivers, av receivers can't feed the soul  
vienna acoustics beethoven baby grand
great speakers, some mild rock n roll, acoustic, NOT for metal, auditioned them at a best buy / magnolia shop years back, did they sound amazing, hell yes,.... any hard rock, metal, things were muffled and discombobulated, guitar, drums, etc, wer... 
Help building 2 channel system
Parasound is a fine upgrade!   you have a great system,  get the amp and pre, I would just try some,new cables and speaker cable.  see how it goes, tweak from there