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My experience with the First Watt F7
@roxy54      thanks for the smile! I mentioned it,…I prematurely returned a CD player after only a week, I should have listened when Yoda spoke.  
New In 2023
enslaved - heimdal  mar 3   in flames -foregone sortilege - apocalypso saxon - more inspirations  cover album powerwolf - interludium  apr 7 paul Gilbert - the Dio album  apr LA guns - black diamonds HOLY MOSES - INVISIBLE QUEEN  apr14 me... 
New In 2023
May 5 th   
Beatles vs. Stones
@jjbeason14    for making my brain fluid pound with this question!   HOLY MOSES - INVISIBLE QUEEN  
Beatles vs. Stones
Who Would You Spend A Day With - Pick Two
nothing, just saying be careful who you let in your home.... lots of unstable headaches out there. wife and I sell some legal firework snakes and black cat bottle rockets with report,....just in case. didn't have time to grab my assault shovel  
8-10k budget suggestions please
STOP!   don’t waste hard earned cash on anything less than separates, and a minimum of 250-300WPC! THEY NEED SOME OOOMPH ! take a little more time, build your rat hole stash, and reward yourself. don’t settle for a 150W receiver, you will cli... 
Speakers for a unique small room
@justinrphillips    do you always leave the grills off?   if you don’t mind, I do this on my basement speakers. cut some 1.5” x 1.5” old t shirt squares, tape as many as needed to bring down the highs. , start with 1 square, then 2 or 3 if ne... 
Speakers for a unique small room
Hardwood is horrible for music. reflection is severe. I know, I went through it.     very nice room, bet Motörhead sounds wicked good !  
My experience with the First Watt F7
@roxy54    2 weeks?    should have let hew play, and warm up at least 6 months.   \,,/  
The no reply, no answer big company game.   which is why I went with products which are upgradable,and good warranties, and easy to actually talk on the phone personally to designers, owners' etc.  CJ was like that years ago,    Sanders “the pr... 
What to listen for?
My volume is too loud cranking morbid angel or Celtic frost to pay attention to that stuff  
"High end" store snobbery
Did happen to my Father and I. we were rained out one day mid week, drove to the Cadillac dealer in our work clothes, walking around looking, sales guy comes out, asks what we drove in, Dad pointed to his GMC Sierra diesel,, and no crapola, withi... 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
To all the whiny karens   buys all the rude people an icy cold pint of the black stuff, and slips a thc gummy bear and a Valium in the beer.   g’nIght   
New In 2023
Preordered holy moses - invisible queen anthem -  ? I forget ?