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Whats playing on your system today?
playing a band Gotthard, swedins rock band. 5 cd set for 11$ good tunes, some weak filler, but not bad for the price.   also bought the Leslie West 5 cd on 3 discs. good stuff, good audio quality  
How does a speaker blow out?
using low powered amps, and your want volume, but the little amp is asked to push more power than available, as mentioned sends DC to tweeter, mid, and heat destroys the coil, driver, etc. NEVER any issues with my high powered amps, just be caref... 
Don’t buy used McCormack DNA 1990s amps
All upgrades still available for the the dna750 monos. LD-2 ? not for the UDP-1?    
Purpose of power handling in the specs?
My speakers are rated at a measly 250 rms Peak I believe, and are powered by 650-700 watt rms monos at 8 ohms, the open airy, non fatiguing sound is from the massive headroom, and the amps barely or. Not strained at all during playback.    I lov... 
Purpose of power handling in the specs?
Be careful, tweeters and midranges get burnt out quick from under powering.      Watch the vol knob, and listen for breakup in the highs and minds.    Don’t take much to fry a tweeter or mid coil        
Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?
@jasonbourne52      X 200  
Budget amp that will give Magnepan 3.6Rs better depth of soundstage
+1 on room clean room, carpet, or hardwood?   you will need sufficient current for those speakers, and congrats o n the Maggies, those are wicked good speakers. May need corner traps, etc. I have pillows behind my 2nd system, they are in the,sa... 
The Impossible Has Happened
@mapman  “”One thing I’ve realized for sure, choosing gear for a beautiful sounding hifi is much like choosing which super model to marry.“”     a great feature of my dogs and stereo equipment, they don’t drive to cheap hotels and jump on a sk... 
Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?
I doubt you will hear a difference. But if you will feel better, and want bragging rights, buy a couple 8 ga PC’s.    so, you have 8ga from your box :) to outlets,?…..I would probably grab a medium cost 8ga cords, more money does not mean 10x bet... 
Upgrade to a better server. Ideas?
Bryston CD player.  
What characteristics do you listen for when purchasing amps/preamps ?
Depth of the bass and kick drum, it does go nice and low. For smallish drivers, the bass is surprisingly very good, one speaker sits 4-5 feet from a corner, left speaker is next to where stairs are, bedrooms, hallway, bass is just a wee light on t... 
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
Make sure if your going to try your ears at finicky listening, ,ale sure all components are warmed up, and it may take you a hundred hours to get used to the new sound after buying the “Sanders - the preamp” it took me over a month to accept the ... 
sound difference
@roxy54  would be nice to know the speakers. If their the 104db 1W, you definitely won’t need more than 200-250Wpc. horns need some tubes to mellow them down a bit.   
Tube or solid state
Tube preamp,.., SS stereo amp or monoblocks.    havng that little bit of warmth from the preamp, is just,enough. when I was younger, mid 80’s, my Father sold his old reel to reel, amplifiers, I do remember playing sin after sin, hell awaits, UFO... 
The Forgotten
Panasonc acurus carvin altec lansing b&k pioneer elite onkyo technics jvc realistic lasonic few others     Have 3 pairs of cerwin Vega D9 for sale………   bueller,…..bueller,……bueller…..,……