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AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House
Local shop did not have those amps,  brought in the trusty Sunfire sig 600, pretty much embarrassed the NAD, Mcintosh, amps they had. Almost,didn’t hook her up, as about a year-ish ago, I did go in and hear the the Thor amps and 2 different devial... 
Whats the ultimate goal with your pre amp ?
Roger Sanders “The Preamp” is the most,colorless preamp I’ve ever used, it is the proverbial straightwire with gain I’ve ever purchased. Past 35+ years I’ve been through a lot of preamps, amps, cd spinners, EQ’s, tape decks, tuners, receivers’ etc... 
Free MiniDiscs and portable player in Chicago area
I’m close. available?   thanks  
Rotel rdv-1040 CD Playback ??
Whats playing on your system today?
Whats playing on your system today?
Rotel rdv-1040 CD Playback ??
Non-English Non-Operatic Singers?
Onkel Tom angelripper  sortilege satan jokers strata officina tank manignance loudness   l I can brainstorm now, Negro Modelo is,calling,..yum!      
Best amplifier with Sonus Faber Sonetto V
Sanders Magtech! thread closed.   staymawway,from the,D drabness.   
need amp recommendations for more separation of instruments
My,speakers are about 9 ft apart, ….15” from the,wall, my sitting position is 9 feet from the speakers,slightly toed in.    experiment, took me weeks to find the “spot” once you find it, you will know. also, I went from K-mart rcas to audioques... 
Hey, I'm looking for the highest quality recordings from the following Artists:
If available, or reissued, get the Japanese pressings. %90 of Japanese editions always sound better, better bass, a nice clean album from Japan,will,Trump any us,uk,   my .002  
Is there anything better than live recordings?
only Studio is real!   live albums r ok, rather see live.    gary,Moore, we want,Moore  and thin lizzy, UFO, scorps are only a handful of,live albums I will waste my time with  
Emotiva or Anthem or Something Else?
Looking at an Anthem? Keep the Emo out of your thought process.     I’m not one with theatre stuff, I’m strictly a 2 ch for music and movies.    Anthem is great,  whatmabout the,McCormack map-1 or similar, is that a multi channel ? I wish I,co... 
need amp recommendations for more separation of instruments
Try moving the speakers to different positions.  tilting toward sofa, listening,position, etc,,close to wall, far, how far r u from the,speakers, are the speakers far enough apart? new rca cables?  lots times,it’s your environment you listen in,... 
Power Amp Recommendations for B&W 803 Nautilus
Save a bit more, get the Sanders Magtech stereo,amp, all you will ever need. power, current, stability of power supply, stable to 1 Ohm quite the hidden gem in audio.    odysseys arena,good,mention. pass,  older amps u can get a great deal on...