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DACs - New vs. Old
I don't know about using a video cable for a digital cable. Not downplaying the advice, just curious. If you are looking for a good, cheap digital coax cable try Transparent Cable. Cost you about $100 for 1m. Great sound. 
Hiss, hum bad for speakers?
No cable or satellite hookup, just DVD and CD. I could run the REL from the preamp, but that would activate the bass management and would not be true analog. And yes, the hum/hiss is loud enough to hear from my sitting position. The high level cab... 
Hiss, hum bad for speakers?
No dimmers or halogen lights. My Bryston amp has a ground lift switch, but this doesn't seem to make a difference. 
1.0 vs. 1.5 Meter Digital Cable
There is definitely an optimum length for digital cables. Couldn't tell you off the top of my head what it is, but you might check the older posts for the info. 
MC-1 or Ref 30
I owned a B&K Ref-30 for two months, then traded up to the Proceed AVP so that I could get a better pre-amp for 2ch listening. If you like your music, and you really want to let those speakers and the Bryston amps shine, a better pre-amp will ... 
Thoughts on Meridian Digital Speaker System
If you can afford it, the sound is amazing. Meridian really did their homework when it comes to digital home theater. 
Anyone heard the new Monster Power Conditioners?
I have 2 HTS 3500 and have been happy with the price/performace abilities. Would seriously consider buying a new model if available. 
Burning question regarding upgrading paths
Okay, I'll play.1) Answer - G (Upgrade A,B,C,D, by invoking action E and add finances to said $2000 starting bank acount)2) Answer - F Purpose is to elevate consciousness without the intrusion of selfishness so as to understand godliness and be on... 
DACs - New vs. Old
Those Hales are probably begging for some good source material. If you can buy new I'd do it (or check the classifieds for some great deals on used (new) equipment. DACs today are arguably better than old ones. The Icon could probably be used as t... 
Bookshelf Speakers For 350 Or Less?? new & used
NHT Super Ones. They actually put out some really good sound for the money. I used to own a pair for my second room, and according to some of my female friends, they liked the way they looked too. 
Krell 2250 amp or Proceed HPA2 for Music
If you like the sound from your AVP, stick with the Proceed. I do feel that with 250wpc, the HPA should provide all the power you need for your Nautilus speakers. 
New technologies
The ACT3 is a good deal because it will probably be discontinued when Klipsh removes the Acurus brand name. 
Bryston or Classe
For 2ch listening just upgrade the receiver to the Bryston SP-1. It is great for 2ch listening and functions as a home theater processor. It is upgradable and has their same 20 year warranty. I don't agree with placing the Bryston in the same clas... 
Dynaudio vs. Vienna Acoustics
I like Dynaudio Confidence 3.0, but I must say I've been impressed with Vienna Acoustics. Tough decision. Let your ears decide. I am performing my own experiment right now with REL integration (A Strata III with B&W N804s). So far I like it. I... 
Sony DVP9000es lock up problem ?
Never had that problem with the 9000ES, only on older players when trying a new DVD (probably a dual layer disc). The only problem I had with my 9000ES was with the new Superbit DVDs (see my older post on this). But this was a disc problem (dust o...