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REL Strata III vs. REL Q201E
Thanks all for the advice. I have replaced the power cord with a Transparent Cable. Sub sounds quicker. I am still auditioning and moving it around the room. Upgrading to the Storm might be necessary, but have some time still to let the Strata wor... 
Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?
Unless there has been an upgrade I don't believe the 9000ES offers multichannel SACD. I also must reply to the statement above, the 9000ES is no lightweight. Every review I've read the reviewer loved it. I believe it was even listed for the Editor... 
B&W Nautilus Subwoofer to match N804s
Thanks all for the advice. I am trying out the REL Strata III right now. It is a great sub, and I am tinkering with room placement. I might keep my M&K sub and use it in conjunction with the REL for home theater and then just use the REL alone... 
help need choosing betweewn Aragon 8008st/ bb
I would say get the 8008bb. The difference is noticeable on the right system. The amp is amazing for it price, especially used. Check out the classifieds here for some great deals. 
Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?
I believe the Sony 9000ES is the best they make. True 3-2 pulldown progressive scan, SACD, two sets of outputs, excellent looking...with some mods it can be quite excellent for CD too. I own one. 
Input Level for analog signals on Proceed AVP?
For any who are curious, the official Madrigal response was that a CD player like my Meridian 508.24, when coupled with extremely low impedance ICs can produce a rather high output signal. Lowering the input level on the pre-amp is apparently norm... 
Any comments on the Meridian 588 CD Player?
I like my 508.24 and intend to keep it for the forseeable future. I keep upgrading my other electronics and speakers and I get to see just how good the Meridian is. 
Tabletop Rear Projection 16:9HDTV Over Fireplace
I can't really picture your setup here, but as for the TV, Mitsubishi makes a 46" Platinum series RPTV. Not too expensive ($2000-3000 depending on the dealer). If you're looking to put the TV over something why not look at flatpanels? I think the ... 
Five amps that you want to try at home?
Why try unknowns when you can get something like Bryston, Aragon, Musical Fidelity... Well priced, excellent sound, great service (most important). If you want less known, try one that doesn't even advertise like BEL amps. I've heard one and it so... 
A bi-amping question
Don't have the signal splitter or the extra speaker cable yet. Am in the process of buying interim parts now, but wanted to get the input from those who know before I spend some bank on some quality cable and splitter ;-) Also, what I really wante... 
Problems with PS2
Just out of curiosity, are you using the optical output for sound or the regular analog output? 
how to know what power to get-match speakers best?
I've had it explained to me this way (and I could be wrong so if someone could verify this): If an amp, of any wattage rating, has the capability to generate double its wattage rating into successively smaller ohm loads (200 watts into 8 ohms, 400... 
Aerial vs B&W vs Dynaudio vs Silverline
To listen to the Dynaudio, yes, I think it might be worth it to travel a few miles. No plane rides, but a half-day car trip might be worth it. 
To clarify, I meant that the Mitsubishi should perform almost as good as the Pioneer for most HDTV applications after a proper calibration. 
If you are running a progressive scan DVD player (with true 3-2 pulldown recommended) then you should not worry about the TVs internal line doubler as it will be disabled. Cable or satellite is another matter, but honestly the picture from those s...