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Yet another Discrete R2R Multibit Dac, this one from Audio GD.
Audio-gd has been doing R2R dacs for a long timeI have there Master 7 and it is a great dacAlan 
How Is MQA Fareing?
I think the fact that any forum you go to there is a lot of talk about MQA bad and good. That certainly indicates that people are interested. Whether it will last or grows or increases subscribers to Tidal or makes money for Meridian it is really ... 
Price No Object Amps
I have heard the Onganku at a show in an all audio note system. System was one of the best I ever heardAlan 
USB Cable: Oyaide, Cardas, Shunyata....
I second the Curious cable. Keep it as short as you canAlan 
$10k DAC in a 3k system?
If you must spend $10,000 get speakers that knock you out. Speakers contribute more to the sound of your system than any other component or combination of components. The right power amp with the speaker is also very importantAlan 
Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil
The best thing about these risers is it makes your cabling look neat. I have seldom heard a difference in sound by using cable risers. How does 11 dimensions correlate to the hearing of sound?  I only use 10 myselfAlan 
What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?
LightSpeed 10G  usb is my favorite $999Audioquest carbon and Supra usb cables are inexpensive yet very goodAlan 
Magico vs Kef vs B&W vs. VSA
I have heard all of your choices except for the blade. I feel the Magicos are in a world well above the others. They recommend a minimum of 50 watts so you are in the low end for power. But I have heard most of the Magicos and they always present ... 
Anyone Using Crystals?
I have played around with crystals in the past and never found them to do anythingAlan 
If bi-amping is so great, why do some high end speakers not support it?
If I bought 3.7i I could not Bi-amp. That is why I keep my 3.6's If I did buy 3.7i's I would use my Bernings as mono blocks.No pans to do soAlan 
If bi-amping is so great, why do some high end speakers not support it?
KennyI biamp Maggie 3.6's with a pair of David Berning ZH270 AmpsAlan 
If bi-amping is so great, why do some high end speakers not support it?
kdude66You say a negative of biamping is different sound characteristics of the amps yet you like to biwire because you can select different sounding cables. Doesn't make sense. I biamp. My amps have volume controls and I also can get the power I ... 
PS Audio NEW Huron Firware upgrade. 😩😫😩
I am glad I have my Audio-GD Master 7. They got it right the first time and left it alone. Alan 
Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?
I basically stream from Tidal which is basically redbook cd quality. Am very happy with the quality and have never found hi-rez to be betterAlan 
Tidal free trial subscription
you said " If you want to download, it takes long time just like Tidal does"There is no downloading in Tidal, only streamingAlan