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Lowther DX3 driver repair
Contact John Van Halen at Lowther America. He can helpAlan 
Early digital recordings on vinyl vs. CD?
The early Telarc digital recordings on vinyl are outstandingAlan 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Gold Lion or Shangwaung Treasure KT-88's are both excellentAlan 
Sony XA-5400es player...Giant Killer or just Ok?
I have had mine for a couple of years with no trouble. It is an excellent player and I highly recommend itAlan 
Recording/Engineering Practices
This was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder studio in 2000. This would have been a typical studio recording with one mike per instrument. In the stereo mix each instrument can be placed anywhere left to right in the sound field. Also each instrument woul... 
Burning question about two VAC amps and dead tubes
Possibly your speaker cables are shorting out. Odds of two amps doing the same are very remote. It has tobe the cables or the speakers causing a short or oscillationAlan 
Lowther PM4 Speakers
Contact John VAN Halen at Lowther America. He can helpAlan 
Amp and speaker matching.
I have driven my Maggie 3.6's (86db 4ohms)with my VTL ST-85 in triode mode which is 40 watts with no problem. It is hard to answer your question unless you try the combination or someone here has tried itAlan 
Is my Pass amp overheating?
The copper mesh with any size holes will not provide RFI protectionAlan 
Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables
I have use Goetz AG-1 center stage for about 10 years now with a variety of equipment. It temporarally gets replaced but somehow I always wind up going back to it. A friend of mine loves his Goetz Micro-Pearl interconnects. I highly recommend the ... 
Jadis Orchestra Reference - Best Tube ???
Try the Shangwang Treasure KT-88'sAlan 
Is my Pass amp overheating?
When you take the top off the amp you are losing the chimny effect that is used to cool the output devices. As Liz says you are hearing the different bias effects on sound. When we hear a difference in sound we tend to think it is initially better... 
Tube Preamp Paired with Tube Phono Stage?
It would not be a problemI have always used a tubed phono stage with tubed preamps and the sound is glorious