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why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
I have bought some moderate expensive cables because when I auditioned them they sounded better then the cheaper cables I had. I also buy cables used and that helps reduce the amount of money spentAlan 
Hybrid SACDs or CDs for Redbook Playback
Always preferred the redbook layer of hybrid sacds over the sacd layer. The redbook layer on a sacd should be just as good as the CDAlan 
Subjectivity As Pertains To Preamp Comparisons
" If one person's system is not capable of the resolution necessary to easily be able to hear the difference between two products that are this radically different, their system is not capable of revealing differences." I have been hearing this no... 
CORK: Diffuse or Absorb?
Cork absorbsAlan 
Where does one find turntable repair in Chicago ?
Check with Holm AudioAlan 
Speakers closest to Merlin ?
Look at some of the Joseph Audio speakers. Jeff Joseph is a brilliant designer. At CES we listened to a Stand mounted two way which was just very special called the prism I would also recommend the Nola boxerAlan 
Love / Hate relationship with vinyl?
You said how can you check the turntable motor Is the hum and hiss always there? Even when no record is playing? If it is there only when the turntable is playing then at least the hum is coming from the motor. By the way my system is dead quiet w... 
Love / Hate relationship with vinyl?
I use an Ortofon 2M Black into my Shindo Auriges phono stage. Dead silent. If you have the right combination of cartridge and phono stage you should not have any hum or hiss. I used to have a Myabi Ivory with an Audio Note sut into a Cary Tube pho... 
Tidal HiFi Test - how representative?
When playing back Tidal from a computer the delay problems are a result of no gapless playback. In streamers like Sonos or Auricle they do have gapless playback so no delays. I hope Tidal fixes this. Spotify had this problem at first and eventuall... 
Spotify sounds compressed
Something else is wrong I have heard Spotify premium on my system and it sounded very good. It certainly isn't compressed. I do have both Tidal and Classicsonline which are both better than spotify but not by that much. Can you try streaming direc... 
Any comments on DAC directly to Power amp with no
I have tried this dac straight in several times and always gone back to my pre. Plus I have 3 sound sources. Got to use a pre for that. I have a Shindo Auriges pre and it totally transformed the sound of my system for the good.You are going to try... 
ortofon 2m bronze vs rega Exact 2 cartridge
I have had a Bronze and now a Black. The Bronze is a very nice cartridge but the back is way better. Have not heard the exact Alan 
"Amused To Death" 2015
Got mine from Acoustic sounds. It is excellent. It has new myerial and the vinyl is really good. RecommendedAlan 
Ivan Moravec
Other than Richter he was my favorite. Buy any of his recordings. Great Beethoven, Chopin and debusseyAlan 
which 6sn7 tube for my wyetech topaz amp
Go to Upscale Audio. They have some Russian 6sn7's from the 1950's. All my friends who have tried these tubes say they transformed their systemsAlan