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Great Cables ... That Get Little Attention
KCI Cables out of Austin, TX 
Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC: King of the Hill?
How does one arrange a demo Steve? 
Tube preamp recommendation ...
Look into Purity Audio...their pieces are getting a growing amount of attention and fit your description... 
Anyone have first hand experience with Vitus
Vitus makes excellent equipment that is rightfully mentioned among the top echelon of amplifiers. I have his CDP (loveit) and have had the pleasure of hearing his amps in my and a few other systems, they make just beautiful music. Hans Ole Vitus i... 
Opinions: PBN Montana speakers model xps signatu
What about your current sound has you thinking about upgrading? 
Class D amps
I think the work Henry Ho of H2O audio is doing with ICE amps and massive analog power supplies sounds very very good. A few of our local members have had the pleasure of hearing his amps in my system a couple of different times (with tube pre) an... 
Shipping Dunlavy SC 3's
Actually left off what OP mentioned. After initial shrink wrap tape cardboard pieces over drivers before wrapping in foam. Hold in place with painters tape. 
Shipping Dunlavy SC 3's
Absent getting original boxes, I have moved SC-IV's with no issues doing the following. This operation takes two people. Get yourself a roll of shrink wrap and a couple rolls of soft open cell foam. Clean your speakers well and then shrink wrap th... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Marc, any more experimenting with placement in your system? (before pre, after pre, etc.). Any effects on tonality? 
"Neutral/Clear Amp vs. Dark Amp"
Consider H2O for your price range. Henry utilizes massive power supply build on ICE modules to get a stunningly good sound. Very liquid and effortless. Other great options in this thread, but felt these were worth a listen as well. 
What to put under my VAC AMP/ PREAMP??
Ozy, I can't believe any of this without new pics of your room and system..... :-)Hope all is well with you and congrats on what must be another astounding setup! 
Have you treated your listening space?
Through the different evolutionary states of my room I have found there to be benefit from treatments in all aspects of my sound. Having the latest version professionally designed by Jeff Hedback really just took it to another place completely, I ... 
KCI Silkworm+ VS Gabriel Gold interconnects
The Silkworm + and the Gabriel are equally robust and flexible in my opinion,with the Jade being flexible, but not as robust in build. For the record my Jade cables never broke but they do need to be treated with care. I know all 3 would take good... 
KCI Silkworm+ VS Gabriel Gold interconnects
I've owned all 3 and still own the Silkworm + with Xhadow rca connectors. They are all very good, and all 3 are really great guys to deal with. The Silkworms just sounded more natural to me in the end, and as noted above had a better presention of... 
DCCA or Shunyata help?
+1 on both Don and his cords, nothing but terrific experiences for me over the past few years with DCCA...I cannot comment on differences with Shunyata, no experience with them.