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Playback Designs MPS-5 - Measerments v. Sound
"the fact that I prefer one solution over another, simply points to a purely personal preference, and is no indication of one device being 'better' than another. G."Couldn't agree more Guido! 
Playback Designs MPS-5 - Measerments v. Sound
"If it measures good and sounds bad, it is bad; if it measures bad and sounds good, you have measured the wrong thing." - Daniel R. von Recklinghausen,former Chief Research Engineer, H.H. Scott 
Ascendo C-7 Speakers help.
I heard the C-8 over the holidays and loved it, what a great speaker for all the reasons given above 
KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
Anything new for 2010 John? 
Is Michael Wolff still making power cord?
Wow, very sad news indeed. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. 
SS Amp to replace VAC 300.1 in a side-ways move?
Thanks Kurt, good input and perspective. I'm going to see Vlad and Lamm at CES, it will be interesting to hear current versions of his line and his opinions. Also looking forward at CES to seeing/hearing what Kevin Hayes is working on! Remember, I... 
SS Amp to replace VAC 300.1 in a side-ways move?
If I were forced to change from my Phi 300.1's, I would likely have to give serious consideration to the Lamm 2.1 or 2.2's. I have only heard the 2.1 and thought they were pretty darn nice sounding....I do need to hear the Dart's someday though, I... 
AMR CD-77 vs. Ayon CD-5 as DAC/USB & CD5 preamp
>>10-27-09: AudiofeilCorrection.No digital sounds like vinyl.<<Apparently it does to Jimphd14... 
Has anyone heard the Herron VTSP-3 linestage?
Keith Herron.... 
Rack Recommendation for VK-600
Look into Appogg Isolation Systems, tell Aaron that Art with the VAC amps referred you, wonderful products from a new company. 
Best power cord for Running Springs Audio -Haley
I had great success with DCCA Reference Master on my Haley, YMMV of course so best to get a few and try them to see what sounds best to you. 
KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
Well, to put it simply the new + and my upgraded SE with Xhadow connectors are broken in and a very very nice upgrade on the original Silkworm. They continued to open up and flesh out a bit and now are simply glorious. Extended and polished withou... 
Appogg isolation platform under preamp
I will have the effect on amps answer in a couple of weeks, I am working with them to build a pair for under my VAC Phi's. I too was impressed by them at the Austin show and Aaron just seems like a really solid and detail oriented guy so far! I'm ... 
Shuguang Treasure tubes....
John, can you ask about compatability for the CV-181Z and the Phi 300.1 when you ask about your 110? Thanks! 
Shuguang Treasure tubes....
Where are you positioning the Sylvania and the RCA JWM?