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Do Audiophiles really like music?
I first found out about Audiophile Nervosa a little over 12 years ago when my girlfriend secretly purchased a solid state Mac preamp and amp I had pointed out to her at an estate sale for $25.00 each. They were way cool and retro looking but at th... 
Do Audiophiles really like music?
Interesting question. Let me ask this: Does music need audiophiles? 
Miss your audio when traveling?
For those long lay-overs at the airport there is nothing like breaking out the HD-600s and plugging in the Zen for some relaxing or not so relaxing sounds.Say, is true that the earlier IPODs have the better fidelity? 
Air space for McIntosh MC-275
I have 2 inches clearance. I also have a small Ratshack fan that I use on hot summer days. I've had no problems with this set up. 
How many audio systems do you have in your home?
Three, and one in my girlfriend's house. Only one is really worth listening to though. 
The Most Beautiful Song of The RnR era?
Don't forget Van Morrison. Too many to mention but you can't go wrong with what ever you choose. Then there's Rubber Soul... Er..how you define the RnR era? 
You might be an audiophile if...
You travel 2,500 miles across the country to see to see your significant other's family and within 5 minutes of arrival you're talking to your brother in law about tube vs transistor power amps. 
What's your dirty little secret?
I like Stan Getz, Joni Mitchell, Miles, Bob Marley, Yo La Tengo and others but when I'm home alone with a private listening session ahead of me I sometimes have to pull out the HAWKWIND and up the volume to 11. SPACE IS DEEP! SONIC ATTACK! How did... 
Sweet Neo-Con
Many of the great blues musicians perform(ed) into their senior years. They just got better or do ya'll consider them washed up has-beens. I'd have given my eye teeth to have seen Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin Wolf ... 
Sweet Neo-Con
Imagine that! After 20 years I just might have to buy a Rolling Stones Album!; ) 
its all about the music,no way hose
Paradigm shift!About eight years ago I'm walking to work because of a transit strike and I happen upon a sale in a church hall that some guy, liquidating the contents of three of his four homes, is conducting. Records flashed in my mind so that's ... 
You might be an audiophile if...
You get home after a long day at work and after turning on the ceedee player, set the tt platter spinning, spending a half hour looking for the perfect disc and or LP (the amp and pre were already on from the night before), checking to ensure your... 
What is your idea of a Perfect Album?
Ben_campbell- Thanks for your response. I'm certain that had I encountered this post earlier today my list would have been completly different. The lps that I did list are ones that were perfect for this afternoon (for me) and ones I do cherrish. ... 
What is your idea of a Perfect Album?
LOVE'S 'Forever Changes', Radiohead's 'OK Computer', Jefferson Airplane's 'After Bathing at Baxter's', Tom Waits' 'Small Change', Quicksilver's Shady Grove, Bebel Gilberto's 'Tanto Tempo', Pearls Before Swine's 'Pearls Before Swine'. 
Any heard of Porcupine Tree?
I saw them at the TLA in Philly a few years ago and walked out. I do have and thoroughly enjoy all of their LPs on vinyl. Have not heard the most recent. As stated above a psyche prog band of merit, at least in the studio. Maybe it was a bad night...