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sexiest sounding female vocalists?
Gosh! I've fallen in love so many times? Here are three voices I've been smitten by...1. Babel Gilberto2. Morgana King3. Carmen Lundy singing:All Day, All NightI need your body to feel my body,I want your body close to mine,A little lovin'Don't hu... 
record storage?
Rushton- I bought some white Masonnite in two peices and attatched them to the back of the unit. My records sit a little less than 3" from the front of the shelve but are all evenly spaced with spines visible. When you go to purchase the unit make... 
record storage?
This Thanksgiving I constructed a set of IKEA Expedit shelves, 72" X 72" and I've never been happier. They weigh a ton but they hold about 2000 LPs each. No sagging. I'm going to buy 3 more units and I'm done! 
Guilty Pleasures?
Ditto on the Dread Zeppelin! I have about 30 Hawkwind albums but can play them only when I'm alone. The uninitiated just don't understand. Also Rosemary Cloney and country yodeling. 
Oooops Just got caught...
Hey! Are some of you guys under the impression that I would try to sneak a major purchase into our home without discussion and consent? Er...ah..all I was saying is that I know I had a sh** eating grin on my face and when she entered and asked me ... 
cut-outs, promos, japan and china, etc ???
What is the context???????? 
where to find Pachelbel"s canon?
Why so much????
Thanks for all of your responses. My answers are as follows:1. I'll know I have too much when my Ellyn tells me. Hold on a second. Just so you know, Ellyn called me from Rio once to spend 45 minutes telling me what she had seen in the way of origi... 
How is your many titles in your digital collection
Herman! I'm not bragging...can't you see I've got a serious problem. The fridge is going to have to go! 
How is your many titles in your digital collection
(+ or -) 10,000 LPs(+ or -) 1,100 45s(+ or -) 40 R2Rs(+ or -) 125 CAS(+ or -) 500 RBCD(+ or -) 10 SACD(+ or -) 25 HDCDNo, I'm sure I can make more room in the kitchen! 
How Loud Do You Listen??? Do You Know?????????
It varies with the presence of my mate. For some reason it's always louder with her absence. I'll have to pick one of those meters from Rat-Shack. 
A'gon Classified or Auction - Which do you prefer?
Classified! But after this thread maybe I should look at the auctions? 
He also did an album with Alice Coltrane (wife of John) that is, in a word...Cosmic. 
It's 2050. I'm 84 years old...
I think Elvis will still be around? 
115 Volts or 220 Volts ?
Thank you for the responses! I wonder how the difference factors into the construction of power supplies which I understand is crucial for construction of 'High End"' audio?