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Any Thoughts on the Sonic Frontiers power 1?
I used to run the Von Gaylord LAD-L2 preamp into the power 2 and regret having sold that combo every day since then.....I rolled the input tubes with NOS and the power tubes were KT88spure bliss - I'm about to cry tears of regret 
avantgarde UNO nano seeking a matching amp
I would go with either the Avant Garde Model 5 or Lavardin IS Reference or a Leben cs-600 or a Mactone XM-IIA - The Mactone would be far superior to the rest. 
1st, most memorable recording...
DCC's remaster LP of Phoebe Snow 
What amp do you use with your QUAD'S?
how could we forget NEW YORK AUDIO LABS OTLS 
NYC area thrift shop vinyl
i have been to both on st marks and actually there are 4 on that block as well as the princeton record exchange, but none of these offer the 99 cent albums he spok of. or the hunt for some obscure lp. all of these are record shope 20 bucks a pop, ... 
My oh my....guys check this out
that, my insane 
NYC area thrift shop vinyl
yes i would also like to know 
speakers for Naim CD5i + 5i amp
anything from the living voice line will go wonderfull with naim gear 
If it's snowing, I'm going
this guy is hilarious. But i whole heartedly agree that...if its snowing Im going 
Warm and pleasing CDP - can be biased, colored
I think Wadia is anything but warm 
How many types..
lots, but one one can be the best and that is New York Audio Labs, too bad they went out of business when i was like 10 
tube amp for revel salon ?
i loved the sal0ons with Sonic Frontiers Power 3s 
Apple Powerbook "Optical Digital Out"
sounds good, thanks all 
SET for Orchestral , Big Band etc.
to my ears the 300b is a bit too lush for orchestra, but then again, i own and 845 so i may be biased. to me everythihng is subjective 
Dynavector XV-1s set up
i believe it says less that 30ohms at least that is what my Dyna XX-2 says. I would set it at 22.