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Perfect Pop Songs
Not much from the last 30 years.  Says something about us. Or did 'pop' music die 30 years ago? We used to call pop music stuff that wasn't 'hard'.  For instance the Archie's, Monkees etc were Pop. The kinks and yardbirds, police were Rock. 
Can flexible power cables sound good?
Synergistic Research  
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
I have used fibre extensively in my system, it does clean up the sound and fibre cables/SFP modules are cheap compared to hi end copper.  Having said this, the biggest uptick for me  was thru reclocking - someone mentioned this earlier in this cha... 
Optimize Stereo Experience - NYC Studio
If within your budget, CS2 and LS footers from critical mass systems will change your life.Also agree with the equidistant rule. 
A deeper more holographic soundstage.
Room can use acoustic foam at all the early reflection points.  That means ceiling and floor too if possible. Use the mirror trick. This the cheapest and most effective. However WAF is zero.Super tweeters don't work for this purpos... 
Underrated: most SR products, critical mass systems footers 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
You might consider keeping your old rack but adding CS2 footers from critical mass systems for each component.  The improvement would not be marginal.  Your budget should cover 3 components.  Just a thought.  
Streamer's without built in DAC options?
How come no one mentioned the dCS network bridge?   
Is it better to have two matched subs or one
Wild thought....CS2 footers are a new concept in isolation and using them allows the system to work closer to spec. At least that is what many users report. We find that there is no need for subs when using full range speakers, and many have remov... 
Audiophile AC Outlets
Synergistic Research orange, noticable improvement over blue, which itself was an improvement over standard 
Analog vs digital?
The Regen switch should do it. You would need to read up on the subject if not familiar.Try the wireworld chroma cat 8 cables.  Very reasonable price. Best wishes 
Bass Driver Size - how much better is an extra inch?
MC, I got it!!!! Clever and fun.More seriously,  size not critical - but only nowadays. Design and new tech are changing the old parameters.A big sound depends on how much air is moved forwards.  So this meant earlier large cone size vs breakup wa... 
Do active speakers interest you? Also, let's talk directivity
Go for it.  Four years ago I demoed (is that a real word?) a pair of Kii's at home.  I was using then horns from Avant Garde  - Duo Beta's. Though the duo's used active bass units, it was easy to see what I was missing. Both in terms of deep bass ... 
Can an “audiophile” ever be satisfied with a system?
50 years on and a great sounding system (acc to others) and my answer is NO. That particular joy of having arrived never lasts more than a few days/weeks.  My own personal record, from memory, is around 2 weeks.some friends have average to lousy s... 
Your favorite 'concept' album
As audite mentions tons of good stuff.My own is Aftermath.  Can anyone figure out the concept?