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Footers Under Power Conditioners?
My experience has been, almost universally, that the first 3-4 hours of most stuff gives an impression of what they will eventually sound like after burn in. Then it's the usual 250 - 300 hours of normal break in nasties.Best wishes 
What's your definition of an audiophile?
An audiophile is one who obsesses over every tiny little sonic and technical detail for untold hours, weeks, years, in order to hear for a minute every once in a while music that sweeps him away.Totally agree MC.  JV has some interesting thoughts ... 
Footers Under Power Conditioners?
Ozzy,Look forward to 300 hours of pure horror whilst the cs2 footers break in!  Playing time.After that it's still another 300 to 400 hours to the purest form of glory for nuts like ourselves. Best wishes. 
Negotiate good price
I think there are 2 sides to this.  From the point of view of enlightened self interest, we do need to support our dealers.But it's clear he was offended.  If you get this and it was not your intention, it may make sense to go back and apologize. ... 
Footers Under Power Conditioners?
Yes - I think you should.  My system is now finally fully set up on CS 2 footers after a year and a half, except for plastic base items and loudspeakers.  I will be adding the speaker footers as soon as funds allow. The conditioner is a custom one... 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
All great albums, many of which I still listen to now.  First one I actually owned (jointly with my siblings) was Rubber Soul.  For me this is still one of the greats. Parents hated it, couldn't work out why the Beatles had made such a 'screechy, ... 
Does your pet listen to your system?
My Yorkies love the sweet spot.  They hate classical. 
Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?
I would try cable upgrades.  Best I could afford. At this stage I believe the bang for the buck would be much higher than component upgrades. AC cables first.  Further, the biggest upgrade ever in my system was CS2 footers.  Not sure if these can ... 
Streamers, servers, players - woefully overpriced??
"Melvinjames, you’ve got some pretty impressive connections in Tech Support.  I invoked Moses to help me with my streamer but he was busy with the Jewish Holidays...."Couldn't stop giggling! 
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
I am in a similar situation but my issue is streamers....DAC locked in in kii speakers.  Would I have a decent bang for the buck moving from a blusound streamer built into a NAD amp to a dCS network bridge? 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
CS2 footersOrange fuses from SR 
Msb dacs why not alot of postings
Hi Everyone,Newbie on this subject...can anyone compare or comment on the Kii3 dacs as opposed to MSB?  Is it even possible? I feed an analog signal to my Kii3's so it has to be ADC'd back to digital in the Kii, and the Kii team are confident enou... 
LittelFuses Series 285 AUDIO/MEDICAL Quality
"Anyone who claims they can hear a difference is delusional and also think that tooth fairy, unicorns, traction beams and pixie dust are also real"Pixie dust is great!!More seriously, guys, everything matters including fuses.  In my life I have m... 
It’s a pleasure.
It is indeed a pleasure.  Those that have this status on a long term basis are truly blessed.For me it never lasts more than a couple of weeks before I start going nuts looking for the next tweak, or accessory, that will get rid of those new nasti... 
Are all Audiophiles masocists?
To answer the question it's almost certainly more pain than pleasure for me! A jump has us thrilled.  But how soon before the system is driving us nuts and we are only living for the next upgrade or tweak that will remove those little niggling thi...