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Using a phonstage to by pass a preamp ?
Sure. The Art Audio phono stages can be ordered with a volume control. 
Full range speakers with small footprint?
you merlin guys have been drinking the Kool Aid!!! 
best phono-stage for 1200$ max.
The Graham Slee Era Gold MKII 
You are going for the hype!!! How about a Zercon tweeter. Less expensive but can sparkle. 
The most emotional amp out there?
It would have to be a single ended amp. They convey the right tonal quality that is necessay. The 845 is a good tube at doing that. The 300B not quite as good. For emotions like slam then perhaps some solid state amp. 
Phono amp recommendations
You should listen to the Art Audio Vinyl I. Some have two inputs for MM and MC cartridges. Should smoothe out the Belles a little bit but still have tremendous extension both ends. A little under the radar but nice reviews out on them. I have a fr... 
Looking for a SET amp to pair with MM DeCapo's
You should look for at least a 300B amp to be sure the speakers have enough power. They will handle an extraordinay amount of power with out going postal so maybe single ended should not be the big issue. Tash at Divertech distributes the Antique ...