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Buzz trnasmitted to speakers from amplifer
Apachef1:ThanksBy low voltage lighting are you speaking of the energy saving fluorescent bulbs? 
Buzz trnasmitted to speakers from amplifer
Thanks for your input. It is a well respected high power SS class A amplifier. If all will forgive me, I would prefer not mentioning the manufacturer, as I believe it is power related.No change with a Furman IT-20i reference power 
Atma-Sphere Mp-1 mk III
I really do enjoy the sound of the Mp-1 mkIII, but I have found with my Gamut M250's (even set to 23 dB gain-low setting)that the Atma pre is at significantly elevated volumes at the first or second notch on the pre volume control.....often too lo... 
Thoughts on the Belles MB-01 class A monoblocks?
Starcon; thanks so much for reporting on your audition.I'm surprised that the MB-01's did not drive the 4 ohm load of the GP's to your satisfaction. Would you advise the Belles MB 200 for speakers of 4 ohm or less?Class A solid state is very confu... 
Buzz about pure class A solid state amplifiers ?
I truly appreciate the ongoing discussion. Another point of confusion to me is comparing let's say a Belles MB-01 class A and Karan 450 class A both using approx. 1000 VA transformers/channel, similar capacitor banks, and 20 transistors/channel. H... 
Buzz about pure class A solid state amplifiers ?
Viridian:Please allow me to clarify...the "buzz" meaning lots of interest, not an audible buzz :)ThanksBrian 
Any info about a possible upgrade to ARC Ref 3?
Sincere thanks to all for alleviating my concerns....full steam ahead with the purchase of the Ref 3!Brian 
Wavac MD 300B Monoblocks
Thanks to all for sharing your opinions and experiences.....a most helpful and pleasant dialogue.Brian 
Wavac MD 300B Monoblocks
Hi Jjtoma:Sorry for my delayed response. I am using a VAC Ren mk2 with the D200 mk3; actually a very good match....I may forgo the SET's, as this may require biamping to get the bass I am accustomed to...even if the mids are better with the Wavacs... 
Wavac MD 300B Monoblocks
Thanks Ralphdude and Honest1; I truly appreciate your thoughts. Of course the MD 300B monos are not in the "house" category, but certainly in the "economy car" category.I have always wanted to hear an excellent SET on the Empresses to see if the "... 
Current mode vs voltage mode
Thanks BobYour informative post is very helpful. I'm not sure if impedances are the entire story, however, as what I am reading in the Halcro manuals is very similar to Krell's description of their CAST/KCT technology with "infinite" output impeda... 
What do I do for an upgrade ?
The finest DAC for the $ in my humble opinion is by far the Audio Logic 24MXL. It retails at $4000 and you can pick up a demo for $3300 with warranty or used/unwarranted unit at2500. I bought one new and use a simple/inexpensive marantz CD player ... 
Speakers using ceramic drivers....differences?
AlbertThanks for your insight.I too would be interested in your Kharma/Marten listening comparisons. I also am thinking about the Coltranes or Coltrane Altos. Any word on the significantly less expensive Usher AC-10/20's recently praised and honor...