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12' x 14' room; $10k budget for speakers; help
Pulsars is a good one, especially for your room size. Can't wait for your review. Happy listening. 
Tube Amplifier for Thiel
I owned the 3.6 many years ago. They need "current". I tried Krell KSA 100, Classe CA-150, and VTL 225 monoblocks with the 3.6. They were fine. However VTL 225 could not control the bass as good as the other two SS amps. A good case in point is wh... 
Arm and cartridge for Brinkmann Balance
I recently auditioned at a friend's system Kuzma 4 Point/Dynavector xv-1t, Graham Phantom II Supreme/Lyra Atlas, and Graham Phantom II/Lyra Titan i. It was not Brinkmann table though. It was Raven and another table (that I forgot its name). All th... 
Tonearms for Clearaudio Master Solution type TNTs
I have been using the Graham Phantom series arms (currently Phantom II Supreme) with the Clearaudio Maximum Solution. Great combo. Adjusting VTA on the fly is awesome. I am adjusting VTA on almost every record I play, especially 200g vs 120g vinyl... 
Abs Sound - Stereophile top tables ' 75-'85 are?
I used to have a SOTA Sapphire Star (vacuum hold-down)and an ET2 tonearm. Great combo. However, when the Well-Tempered Classic came along later, I replaced the SOTA/ET2 setup with the Well-Tempered. 
Conrad johson versus lamm
I believed you must have tried the two impedance settings in the back of the Lamm M1.1. 1-6 and 8-16 impedance settings. I have a Revel Salon 2 and tried it with the LP 140 and it didn't work quite well. Now I have the Lamm M2.2 that works great w... 
Seeking opinions on Clearaudio vs. SOTA tables
I have been using the Graham Phantom II Supreme on my old Clearaudio Maximum Solution and the result is excellent. I love the Phantom's user-friendliness. I am now adjusting VTA on the fly for different records. The VTA adjustment really makes a b... 
Vienna Acoustics Kiss vs. Dynaudio Contour S3.4
Perhaps try some IC that is copper only or mix of copper and silver. Pure silver will be too bright. 
Thiel CS 3.6 amplifier selection Monarchy SM 70?
I believe the KSA 150 is stereo amp. Glad you like the KSA 150 and Thiel 3.6 combo. When your budget and space allows, try quality mono blocks. The soundstage with the 3.6 would be even more spectacular. 
Record cleaning machine or other devices??
Ditto Mofimadness. VPI HW-16.5 is the way to go. I have it for over 25 years and it is still running. 
Anyone listened to Clearaudio Master Innovation?
Tonib,Thanks for your great input. Turntable upgrade is priority and next will be phono stage. ARC Ref2se will be on my list as well. 
Anyone listened to Clearaudio Master Innovation?
Tonib,Thanks for your input. You have a very good analog front end. How do you compare with other tables you owned in the past. Is the Master Innovation a bit on the lean side? 
Anyone listened to Clearaudio Master Innovation?
Thanks Wrm57. He did mentioned a few things about the Master Innovation when he just got it. But I wish he could be more detailed in describing the performance of this table. 
Subsonic filter noise??
I agree with Lowrider57. Where do you sit your table? Are the speakers firing at the table as well? 
Your experience with Thiel 3.6
I owned the 3.6 for about 8 years. They are great speakers. But they are picky as far as amp goes. I tried VTL 225, Krell KSA 100, and Classe 200. VTL 225 was the worst sounding with the 3.6. Nothing wrong with the 225, it was just that the 3.6 ne...